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Akermans Arcade Asylum

Akermans Arcade Asylum By Nick Akerman An overview of the some of the new offerings on the LIVE Marketplace and on PSN In the first of my bi-weekly c Read More


Nintendo Updates Internet Channel: Free to Download, NES Rebate, and More

Did you wake up this morning to find out that your Wii is emitting that mysterious blue glow from its disc drive? If so, then you're ready to download Nintendo's latest update for the Internet Channel. One of the long-running problems with attempting to browse the internet with the Wii's Opera browser was the limited ability for it to implement Flash content, but with the latest update, that would seem to be a thing of the past-- at least, until Flash updates and we have to wait for a new Wii update. Read More


Nintendo Download - 7.6.09: BIT.TRIP CORE Brings WiiWare Library to 100 Games and Counting

Hmm, this week doesn't look too shabby in the Nintendo Download sector, not when compared to some weeks, at any rate. The big draw appears to be BIT.TRIP CORE, the 600-point neo-retro action/rhythm game for WiiWare, but it's not alone: Taito has brought BUST-A-MOVE Plus! to the service as well, offering some puzzle action for the very same price. And that's not all, as Heracles seems to join the comic-mischief genre of kart racing, only instead of go-karts, he's bringing the fire with chariots. Virtual Console goes back to the Commodore 64 with California Games, a game I remember more for its NES iteration, which was even featured on an ep or two of Captain N: The Game Master. Usually in episodes featuring Mega Man and Dr. Wily, now that I think about it, and if I'm not mistaken. Finally, DSiWare updates with Art Style: BASE 10, an interesting numbers game, and 3D racing in Asphalt 4: Elite Racing. Find out more about all of these in the full press release after the cut. Read More