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Nikki and her friends Clarence, Wendy and Max are ready for adventure as they arrive in Tinseltown where Uncle Ross needs help with his troubled supermarket chain, and Mr. Torg is plotting revenge. Master new game mechanics as you stock shelves, make milkshakes, brew coffee, bake croissants, squeeze fresh juice, and serve fresh pizza to keep your customers happy. Hire assistants to help you, purchase over two hundred equipment and decor upgrades, deliver goods in the neighborhood, battle shoplifters, and serve impatient celebrities. Open new stores in busy downtown, quiet suburbs, on sunny beach, the ski resort, and even in the tallest building in town! Play over eighty levels to achieve expert score, and watch the story unfold in front of you in beautifully-drawn comic-style pictures.

SuperMarket Mania 2 Review

The mania of managing grocery stores returns in Supermarket Mania 2, a time management game that will put your mouse click to the test as you’re tasked to run increasingly advanced stores while making sure customers end up leaving satisfied.Nikki and company return after beating Mr. Torg’s devious robot controlled chain of supermarkets, and moves to Tinseltown, where her Uncle requires her helping hand in managing various supermarkets. Meanwhile, the dastardly Torg has his own plans for revenge as well as a few tricks up his sleeve to make things more difficult. The quirky story is told through comic book pages and serves its purpose to move the game along.You’ll start out in a tiny market with a small amount of groceries to help get you started and learn the ropes. Every action is as... Read Review