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One of the most popular games of the early

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Cheats

Fight Akuma

To fight Akuma, make sure your score is less than 500,000 when you meet M.Bison At the character select screen, go to Ryu for 2 seconds. Then go to T-hawk for 2 second. Then go to Guile for 2 seconds. Then go to Cammy for 2 seconds. Then return to Ryu, wait 2 seconds, then press Jab.

Play As Akuma

Select the Versus mode and set the speed. when you select a character, simultaneously press A, B, C, L, R, and P. Hold down these buttons until your opponent has selected their character. Akuma's silhouette appears on the Stage Select screen. On the Result screen Akuma's record is listed under the name "Gouki."
Turn on the game and wait until you see the first profile of a fighter. On Controller 2, hold the L and R Buttons for as long as you would like to look at the profiles.

Secret Color

when you choose your player, keep the button pressed for a few seconds.
Select Group Battle to go to the Battle Mode Select screen. On Controller 2, press L, R, L, R, L, R, R, L. This lets you fight with any character you wish up to eight times instead of only twice.