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Super Stardust Delta, known as Star Strike Delta in Japan, is a video game for the PlayStation Vita handheld console. It is part of the Stardust series of games developed by the Finnish company Housemarque and was released on 19 January 2012 in Japan.

Super Stardust Delta Review

Sony’s launch line-up for the PlayStation Vita isn’t too bad at all.  There seems to be something for everyone, even if every game doesn’t quite take advantage of the system’s dual analog sticks – a big selling point that Sony pushed last year upon its introduction.  But leave it to Housemarque to make proper use out of them with the latest entry in its twin-stick Super Stardust series, aptly named Delta. This is no mere port of the original Super Stardust HD, or even a variation of Super Stardust Portable for the PSP.  Nope, Delta is its own animal, built on some different rules as you play through each stage.  The general goal is still the same – blast enemies and asteroids on the surface of a planet as you rotate... Read Review

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