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Hudson released Super Star Soldier on its own in 1990. Out of all the vertical shooters released for the TurboGrafx-16, Super Star Soldier boasted arguably the best array of weapons, including: flame throwers, electricity, spread guns and heat-seeking missiles. Moreover, many people believed Super Star Soldier

Super Star Soldier Cheats

Control main menu

Unlock Wii
Press L or R at the main menu to change the view of the ship in the background. Press Z to change its wing position. bluemoonxus2.
With the system turned off hold Run + Select. Turn on your TurboGrafx 16 and release these buttons. At the title screen press Left, II, Up, II, Right, II, Down, II, Left, I, Up, I, Right, I, Down, I. Next press I + II eight times. To finish, press Select + I eight times. This code allows you to choose your starting level, difficulty level, width of the playing field and more.

Full Weapons

Unlock Wii
Press Select(10) at the title screen. Then, hold Down/Right on controller two and press Up, Left, A, B, Start(2) on controller one. Press Select to switch between the five shot weapon and the laser.

Super Laser

Unlock Wii
Hold Up/Left + A + B and power on the NES. Continue to hold those buttons, then press Select, Start. Press Select during game play to enable the super laser.