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When 5th Cell, the creators of Super Scribblenauts and Lock’s Quest, announced they would be making Hybrid, a third-person shooter for XBLA and PSN Read More

Ben PerLee March 7, 2011 | Comments

Super Scribblenauts review

When Scribblenauts launched on the Nintendo DS last year, gamers didn’t know what to expect. Countless puzzlers had promised unique gameplay but le Read More

David Sanchez November 2, 2010 | Comments
Move Beats Out Kinect at Gamescom

Move Beats Out Kinect at Gamescom

Chalk up a win for Sony in the battle of Move vs Kinect as the PlayStation motion controller beat out Microsoft's product for the best hardware accessory award at Gamescom. The award was voted on by German "video game experts" (whatever that phrase actually means), and was but one of many awards handed out at the European gaming expo. Full list of winners, plus the case of Move vs. Kinect after the break. Read More

kombo August 23, 2010 | Comments
Nintendo Announces Launch Dates for Kirby and Donkey Kong

Nintendo Announces Launch Dates for Kirby and Donkey Kong

  Has the dust settled enough to say that Nintendo absolutely dominated E3 this year?  Am I allowed to unequivocally state my opinion in that matter?  Even when completely disregarding the 3DS and all it brings to the table, Nintendo's software lineup was outstanding.  Sitting in the Nokia Theater as Nintendo just kept rolling out incredible title after incredible title had me reeling. And now a lot of those games are landing solidified release dates.  Two of which most gamers are exceptionally excited for.  Kirby's Epic Yarn and Donky Kong Country Returns have earned their launch dates as Nintendo dropped a press release this morning.  From the release: “Everyone wants fun, engaging experiences, and they want great value,” said Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. “Nintendo  games give you both. And no matter what your taste, you’ll find exclusive experiences that just aren’t available anywhere else.” Hit the break for the release dates (I know, "what a jerk!)... Read More

kombo August 17, 2010 | Comments
E3 2010: Super Scribblenauts Gameplay Trailer

E3 2010: Super Scribblenauts Gameplay Trailer

The addition of adjectives really does open up a wealth of variety to Super Scribblenauts. GTTV hosted a slew of trailers tonight on Spike, this was one of them. The sequel to Scribblenauts seems to be entirely about combinations. The quick clips show off a variety of adjectives ranging from manner, size, color and personality. But it seems that 5TH Cell will be going for broke with their even more ambitious sequel. More after the break... Read More

kombo June 11, 2010 | Comments
de Blob: The Underground Unveiled for Wii and DS

de Blob: The Underground Unveiled for Wii and DS

Nintendo Power has outed another title (last time it was Super Scribblenauts). de Blob: The Underground is heading to the Wii and DS. Hopefully it's not as bad as some other Underground title gamers may be familiar with. The original de Blob saw players cruising the dreary, monochromatic streets as a gooey ball of paint with attitude. The world had been taken over by a humorous take on the Nazi party (is that possible?) and they've sought to rid the world of color. de Blob was to restore the color... and go. Hit the break for more info and the projected release date... Read More

kombo May 27, 2010 | Comments