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Super Mario 3D Land

There are several questions surrounding the Nintendo 3DS when it launched earlier this year. “Was Nintendo ready?” seems to be the main one, but Read More


Nintendo Once Again Skirts the Issue of a Playable Princess in Zelda: Spirit Tracks

It seems that Nintendo may have created a real problem for itself back in the 80s, when it put its two leading princesses in skirts. We've heard Miyamoto joke about not including Princess Peach as a playable character in New Super Mario Bros. Wii due to the difficulty of animating her skirt (among other more practical reasons, such as the expectation she would float). Now, The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Producer Eiji Aonuma has revealed to Famitsu that when it came to getting the titular princess involved, they found it was easier to kill her than to animate her skirt. Read More


Seniors in Oceanside, CA to Game On with New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Nintendo has made a name for itself as a favorite among the elderly with the introduction of Wii Sports, but now they are aiming to get another game into the hands of seniors residing at Fairwinds – Ivey Ranch in Oceanside, California: New Super Mario Bros. Wii. The goal seems to be to get grandparents to take up the Wii Remote and play with-- or against-- their children and grandchildren. Those in attendance get Mario and Luigi-branded t-shirts, and there will even be a raffle to win a Wii console with a copy of New Super Mario Bros. Wii-- certainly a sure-fire way to keep the family visiting. It should be interesting to see if some of these grandparents are able to hurl a fireball and ride a Yoshi as well as they can bowl. If you're interested in more info, check out the press release after the cut. Read More


New Super Mario Bros. Wii Brings the Mushroom Kingdom to Manhattan

Once again, it is to my deepest regret that I am unable to make it to the Nintendo World Store at Rockefeller Plaza in New York City for a video game launch event. This time, the game receiving the honor is none other than New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and it sounds like it's going to be a great time. Check out the press release after the cut. Read More


Media: The New Super Mario Bros. Wii Megapost

Wow, and I thought we had a lot to talk about yesterday regarding New Super Mario Bros. Wii, but since posting that article, a ton of new stuff has come up regarding the game, including a lot of info from Nintendo EAD General Manager Shigeru Miyamoto, more details on the Super Guide, a ton of videos, and a big bunch of new screens in our gallery. And for added convenience, I've given each part of the story following the videos its own header, making it easier to find the info you want. So without further ado, let's-a go! From the new official website (via GoNintendo) comes a new video showing off Mario and company's "super skills:" It looks like we can put fears of a Penguin Suit-less game to rest, as we see it sliding its way through rows of bricks. It looks like the Mini Mushroom returns, too. Another interesting feat is that it appears Mario can now kick a moving shell from behind to keep it propelling forward. And check out the part with the Yoshis flutter-jumping Bullet Bills for 1UPs; it seems that an unseen audience applauds your moves with every new life you get. More, much more, after the cut. Read More


New Super Mario Bros. Wii Blowout: Koopaling Capers, Ice Flowers, Box Art, Tins, and More

Quite a bit of stirring has occurred in the neck of the woods inhabited by New Super Mario Bros. Wii as of late. Taking it from the top, Nintendo Everything has found the box art for the PAL version of the game, the German version, more specifically. As you can see to your right, it is very similar to the North American box art, but with the Wii banner at the top colored red to better go with the large red box at the bottom that some people have taken issue with. Personally? I think I like it better this way. That's not the only box-related goodness available for those across the pond, however. Read on for more. Read More


Media: New Super Mario Bros. Wii Trailer Comparison and New Details

Beginning in June this year, Nintendo has presented us with two different New Super Mario Bros. Wii trailers: one for its debut at E3, and another at the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX). For those who need refreshing, here is the original trailer: Now, upon initially viewing them, the trailers may have seemed the same, but it appears that there are actually more differences apparent than one would realize, after seeing the newer trailer. Compare for yourself. Read More