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During a vacation in Dinosaur Land, Princess Toadstool gets kidnapped and a spell is cast on the inhabitants of the island. When they stumble upon Yoshi

Super Mario World Cheats

Uphill Yoshi Slide

Unlock Wii
Face toward a slope and press Down and L or R to slide upward.

Strange Mario Walk

Unlock Wii
Quickly hold L + R + X + Y + Up when the Princess is freed in the final level. Mario will walk strangely during the ending credits.

No Map Music

Unlock Wii
Go to Iggy's Castle #1. Defeat Iggy, but jump into the lava as he is dying. The music will be gone when you return to the map screen.

Reuse P

Unlock Wii
Use Yoshi in any level with a P. Immediately after stepping on the P, turn around and eat it again. Yoshi will gulp it, you can then spit it out. When it comes out, the P will be full again.

Hint: Maximum Lives

Unlock Wii
Find Yoshi and place a power-up that is not already in use in the item box. Enter a previously completed course and find a berry that is positioned just above Yoshi's mouth. Press Select to drop the power-up from the item box. Have Yoshi jump so that he eats the berry and the power-up at the same time. The game will freeze and the coin total will increase rapidly. Press Start + Select to exit the level after accumulating ninety-nine lives. Go to the Forest of Illusion 1 with a cape, Locate the section with the caterpillars on the logs. Instead of killing the caterpillars, jump up and hold Y + B and try to land the first caterpillar on the head so it's hat falls off. Repeat this for the second and third caterpillars. After hitting the third caterpillar, return to the first caterpillar (his hat will be back on). Repeat this procedure until symbols begin appearing above the caterpillar's heads. Use this trick to collect coins, lives and points, but make sure you do not run out of time. Go to Vanilla Doom Secret Area 3. Move past the middle of the area to find a location where if Mario pushes a yellow block, a P will appear. Use this P at the middle of the area, then return to the beginning of the area. All the turtles should have been changed into gray coins. Collect all the coins to gain more than sixty lives. Go to Yoshi's Island 2. At the beginning of the level, pick up the shell and throw it at all the Koopas on the platform. Hit all the question blocks and a few will result in extra lives. Then, get to the midpoint of the level and go down the first blue pipe after this point. Take the blue blocks and throw them at the flying question blocks, or if you have Yoshi, make him jump, then jump off him at the blocks. After getting the extra life, go out and backtrack -- the extra life will still be there. Return as many times as needed to collect it again. Complete the Forest of Illusion 1. Reach the midpoint and hit the flashing block when it becomes a feather. Wait for it to become a Starman, and then collect it. Then, continue on through the level and kill everything that appears. After the Starman expires, press Start and press Select to exit out the stage. Then, return to start at the midpoint. Get the Starman again, kill everything, and repeat until 99 lives are obtained. Go to the Forest Of Illusion 4. When first starting, jump on the green turtle shell and take it to the pipe to the right. Jump and take the extra kufe from the Laiktu. Kick it at the pipe and it will bounce back and forth. The Laiktu in the pipe and in the cloud will throw Spikeys in the pit. Stand there and jump over an occasional Spikey until 99 lives are collected. Note: Make sure that time does not run out during the trick.
Stand next to a vine with an item. Hold Up and release Y to throw the object into the air, and quickly climb the vine while holding Y. Mario will automatically catch the item as it falls, and may continue to climb the vine.

Short Cut

Unlock Wii
In castle 4, in the first area, go all the way to the end where you see a mushroom. Go back a couple space and you can jump in to a not to solide brick. Run right till you see a brick and keep jumping tilll you find a tunnel. Go down to a bonus game and a short-cut
To enter a castle that has already been completed (except for the Valley Fortress), go to the castle and press L + R.

Hint: Secret Area

Unlock Wii
Enter the Donut Ghost House in Donut Plains with flying power. After entering, fly directly above where the door is located to reach a walkway. Move all the way across the walkway and fall at the end to reach four yellow blocks and a door. Enter the door to reach a ending goal. Walk into it to get to a top secret area which Mario can enter at any time to get Yoshi, fire power, and flying power.

Hint: Star Worlds

Unlock Wii
1. Go to Donut Plains. Hit the green switch, then just go right and up the "!"s at the end. Otherwise, you have to fly. Put the key in the hole. You can now go underwater to a red dot on the map . In this level, go to the P switch and carry it to the next "?". Hit it and then the "?". Put the key in the nearby keyhole. A secret ghost house will appear. Enter it, and locate the room with the door with no platform underneath of it. Get the P switch (to the left) and bring it there. Hop on it. Do not go through any door. Stand directly in front of it and jump. A vine will appear. Quickly climb the vine to reach a platform with a secret blue door. Enter and defeat the Big Boo three times with the blue bricks to open the Star Road. 2. Go to Vanilla Dome 1. You need the red switch; it appears later on in Vanilla Dome. Go to Dome 1 and keep going right up the red "!"s and to the key. Go to Vanilla Secret 1 (which just appeared) and have Yoshi. Find the pipe coming out of the left wall near the top. Use a spring to go up. Jump off Yoshi's back and into the pipe. 3. Finish Soda Lake. 4. Complete Forest Of Illusion 4 the secret way. You must go down a blue pipe near a P switch and complete the Fortress. 5. Use Yoshi to get the key at the end of Valley of Bowser 4. Hint: Super Special Area: Complete Star World 5 with a key (need all switches pushed) and go to the Super Special Area. Beat all the boards in the Super Special Area to get a super ending. At the end of the last special world, the message "YOU ARE A SUPER PLAYER" will be spelled with coins. A teleporter will take Mario to Yoshi's House, with a map in different colors.

Unlimited Lives

Unlock Wii
Go to the sunken ghost ship level and don't go down the first pipe. Instead swim left over to the boxes.head up to the corner of them and continually press B to swim up, every six seconds a bullet bill will hit your feet. At first you'll get 100 points but they will increase until they reach 8000 then you will constantly get 1ups!

Hint: Twin Bridges

Unlock Wii
Ever wondered where the other bridge is in the "Twin Bridges" section? This area may look small but consists of many levels. Vanilla Secret 2 and 3, Cheese Bridge area, Soda Lake, Star Road, Cookie Mountain, Butter Bridge 1 and 2, Vanilla Fortress (underwater), and the Castle (#4). To get to the ones with Vanilla in their name, go into Vanilla Dome 1 with the red switch pushed and you will find the key. Then, complete Vanilla Secret 1 and go through the pipe. The Fortress is in the middle of a waterfall and is completely underwater except for the Boss. Once you have finished Vanilla Fortress another bridge appears, showing Butter Bridge 1 and 2, Soda Lake, and the Star Road (can be found in the Cheese Bridge area (see the "Get A Soda" hint.)

Hint: Get A Soda

Unlock Wii
Go to cheese bridge area with Yoshi. Get to the end by hopping on the saws, but do not use Yoshi wings. At the last platform before the exit, run from left to right and run off the platform. When you get past the Exit Tape, press A to jump off Yoshi as he falls to his doom. Keep running to reach a moon and another exit. Now climb down the vine to the soda.
The Blue Switch Palace is found in the Forest of illusions 2. Play the water maze as far up and to the right as you can go. There are some diversions that lead you to pick up a life in the mid-level of the maze, but eventually you have to go up in order to find your way down. Work your way towards the bottom of the maze. If you are in the correct section, you will see a wall to the left that is rectangular and marked off by a line from the larger wall that sits on it. You can walk right through that wall, going left rather than right. The key to the blue switch palace comes into view very quickly.

Infinte Lives

Unlock Wii
Go to the Top Secret Spot and get a Yoshi. Then leave and come back. Hit the box Yoshi was in A 1 Up will appear keep on doing this until you have 99 lives.

Quick 1 Ups

Unlock Wii
go to star world 2 and grab the invininceibility star and start killing all the enemies and your points will increase until you start getting lives remember to grab the second star for even more lives!
Yellow: Simply beat Yoshi Island 1 Green: On Donut Plains 2, after a little while you'l reach a a small, flat-topped yellow moving platform with a green pipe on top. Go through pipeand find the shell. Twirl jump and pic up th shell. Throw it up at thehighest most yellow bick and a vine will appear. Climb up yellow bricks and vine and get the key. Red: In Vanilla Dome 2, swim for a bit and find the place whereyou can get n land where there are two downward slopes leading into the water and a yellow ?. Go left and pick up the P and run through the column of coins. Hit P, go left jump over first gap and go into the second gap. Run left and pick up key. Swim down and right for key hole. Blue: In Forrest of Illusion 2, swim until you find yourself going straight downward and at the bottom there is a fake wall and a yellow ?. Simply run left through the wall and get the key.
1. Go all the way to the right. Use your twirl jump the whole way down on the right wall and you'll get the key 2. Swim to the end. Before the pump, go underneath the wall and keep yourself afloat. you'll find the key 3. Hit P to turn spikeys into coins. Then grab a blue block and right before the ext tape hit the dude in the cloud. Climb up the blue stairs and jump in the cloud. Direct the cloud to the top of the screen and you'll find the key 4. Go to the end. Where you find a gray ground pick up a shell, go underneath the wall and hit the shell into the ? A key will come out put into the key hole. 5. (Need all switches pushed and a LEAF)note: this level is frustrating. often the coins dont form in a line and you have to die and try again be patient Go to where the P is after the colappsing gray platforms. Hit the ? and coins will fom a line (hopefully they'll arrange themselves flatly. Jump and grab one coin. Hit P and jump on top of newly solid platform. Run all the way left and then run right and jump to fly right where the platform ends. propel yourself up by pressing left and right on the control pad. Once you reach a plaform run to the end and youll get the key
When a red mushroom appears, remember that it always goes to the right.