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Set in the Mushroom Kingdom and featuring its cast of well-known characters, this adventure RPG begins with a familiar scenario: Mario

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars Cheats

How To Beat Smithy

Unlock Wii
First, after beating the first three bosses before Smithy, go back through the level. If you didn't have the shiny stone, then make sure you have 500 coins, buy the fireworks in Moleville and give them to the girl with the pretend market. Afterwards, go to Tadpole Pond and buy megalixers from the froggie bar with your Saprano Card or Tenor Card, if you don't have it, go to Toadofsky in the second or third turn. Then, go to Monstro town and to the door with Culex in it. Defeat him with Mario, Geno, and Princess Toadstool. Use Toadstool's Group Hug, Geno's Blast and Mario's Ultra Hammer or his Ultra Jump. After beating him, you will recieve a Quartz Charm and equip it on Mario for better defense at the boss. Go back to Smithy and make sure you have Mario, Geno, and Princess Toadstool and use the same stuff you used for Culex but, if everyone is almost dead and the next blow will be Smithy's, use a megalixer. At the first part of Smithy, use Geno's Blast on both Smithy and the monster generator. Concentrate your firepower on the generator (not Smithy) with Mario's Ultra Hammer and use Princess Toadstool's Group Hug to heal the party. On the second half, just use regular attacks on Smithy.

Samus Cameo

Unlock Wii
After you beat Belome 2 and before you get to Nimbus Land, you can find Samus Iran of the Metroid Saga. Go to the Mushroom Village from the begining and go inside the castle. Go to the right from the hall into the next little room. Go up to the guest room and look at who is sleeping in the bed!!!

Get A Mushroom

Unlock Wii
If you "talk" to the chair in princesses room on your first trip to the castle in mushroom kingdom, the maid will run up and give you a mushroom for whatever you found.

Honk Honk

Unlock Wii
While riding "Moleville Mountain", push either one of the left/right buttons (The ones on the top of the controller). Mario will honk the cart's horn.
To get a glimpse of Mario as he used to be, step behind the curtained area in Booster's Tower. To compare adventuring notes with Link from the Zelda game series, spend a night at the Rose Town Inn.

Marymore Suite

Unlock Wii
If you have at least 950 coins, you can go to the suite, and make a profit, in the form of KEroKerocola's. Buying for 150, reselling for 200. You can make a hefty profit. Also, they give you gifts for staying there every so often.
When fighting Yaridovich in "Seaside", he will do a mirage attack (create a duplicate of himself.) Here's a trick to find the real one. Put Mallow in your party. When Yaridovich does the "mirage attack", use Mallow's "thunderbolt" power on him. The double that takes the least damage from the attack is the real Yaridovich.

Hidden Items

Unlock Wii
There are several hidden items in this awesome. Here's how to find a few of them. In these descriptions, the term "Search" means to jump around to reveal hidden boxes above your head. Location: Starting Point Directions: When you walk one screen from the start you will see a wiggler. Stomp on its head ten times without falling off (but don't enter the battle screen). Prize: Frog Coin Location: Forest Maze Directions: Search the left corner of the screen near the entrance to the Forest Maze. Prize: Kero Drink Location: Yo'ster Island Directions: Search to the left of the Save Point. Prize: Frog Coin Location: Booster Pass Directions: In the first area, search to the left of the exit. Prize: Rock Candy Location: Marrymore Directions: Go to the second floor of the hotel. Search along the tops of the shelves. Prize: Frog Coin Location: Mushroom Castle Directions: When you enter the Mushroom Castle for the first time, jump on Toad's head. When he gets to the first doorway, jump up on it. Jump around up there to find the hidden box! Reward: Frog Coin

Hidden Red Essence

Unlock Wii
Go to the forest maze. When you get to the first save block, go beyond it a little and jump around the right side of the walkway. Keep jumping until you find the hidden treasure box with a red essence inside.
The Star Egg...nice little toy, does 150 damage to everything and is NEVER, I repeat, NEVER used up. To get this item, revisit Booster Tower and climb up until you reach Knife Guy. He is juggling many balls. Talk to him and play his game. I believe it's the yellow ball you must find. To get the card to the Grate Guy's Casino you must win Knife Guy's game 12 straight times. If you fail, say after 6 wins he still counts 5 in your favor, so keep going until you have 12 wins. Then, go to Land's End. Down one of the pipes in the area with the save point you should find one of those gold colored Chomps. There is a hidden platform around there, you must jump three times to make it show itself, then go up it and you'll be at Grate Guy's Casino. Talk to Grate Guy over and over and over and...well, you get the point. After a while Grate Guy will challenge you to play Look The Other Way. This time don't worry about winning consecutively, just win 100 times and he'll give you the Star Egg.

Fight Culex

Unlock Wii
To fight Culex of the japanese version of Final Fantasy, buy the fireworks for 500 coins at Moleville, then trade it for a "Shiny Stone" at Moleville. Next go to Monstro Town and go to the "3" door and open it with the Shiny Stone.

Better Ending

Unlock Wii
For a better ending, buy as many fireworks as you can in Moleville, then beat the game. The more fireworks you bought, the better the ending.
Here's how to find the best weapons and items in the game: The frying pan for the princess: To receive this weapon, beat Nimbus Land and go to Moleville. Walk into the store and go to your left were a funny looking mushroom man should be selling things. In his inventory there should be a frying pan which he is selling. I strongly advise you to buy it. The lazy shell for Mario: Retreive the seed and fertilizer and bring it to the gardener house which is somewhat hidden on a new road. Climb the beanstalk and retrieve the goodies. Fertilizer and Seeds: The fertilizer is in nimbus land after you beat it on the far right were the guy was standing walk up it until you find a invisible path way were it is.I think I remembr that the seed is in Bean valley on one of the waterers. Juice club cards: These are given to you by the composer if you complete the melody. (The first one is found in the big frog's chart on the lily pad.) Super Chomp: Go to the second set of Booster pictures in Booster Tower (the ones by the locked door.) Place them in order and you'll receive a key. Use it to unlock the door and receive a chomp for Bowser. The real order is identical to the first set of pictures you saw when you entered the castle.
Put Geno in your party then in a battle use Geno Whirl. When the ring goes just out of the screen press "Y". You'll hear an explosion sound and Geno will have done 9,999 points of damage! *Note: This doesn't work on bosses or boss like creatures (eg., Jinx or Box Boy.)


Unlock Wii
Go to the princes's room in "mushroom kingdom" and "talk" to the fire place and it will say "you found the princes"

Troopa Pin

Unlock Wii
To get the , go to the big cliff at "Lands End". There you will find "Sgt. Flutter". After talking to him, climb the cliff by jumping on the troopa shells as quickly as possible. Do it in under (12:00:00) to get the troopa pin.
There are three monsters you find in Monstro Town when you sleep in a bed. They each will hide their own flag somewhere in the world. Here are their locations: One flag is hidden behind the rose in Rosetown when you first enter. Another flag is hidden underneath Mario's green bed in Mario's Pad. And another is hidden behind the sign in Yo'ster Island.

Ship Password

Unlock Wii
The password needed in the ship is PEARLS.

Infinite Coins

Unlock Wii
First go to Rose way. Then go to a room with Treasure Boxes then get the items and go out then come back then the Boxes are restored. The second is at Bowser's Castle. First beat Magikoopa and he will give you a Gold Treasure Box that will never run out.
To avoid fighting John the shark one-one-one or two-on-one, leave at least one blue bandana guy alive and destroy the rest. This will prevent the one-on-one without letting Mario die. If this guy irritates you, use Toadstool's Sleepy Time on him and keep him under until you're finished with Jonathan Jones.

Red Essence

Unlock Wii
If you have the Dream Pillow, sleep at the inn at Nimbus Land. Toad will appear in your dream and admits he is a monster. When you wake up, Toad is waiting for Mario to wake up, and he runs into a corner. Toad will give you three s!
Go to the bean valley, after you beat megasmilax, get the seed on the letter and go to Nimbus Land, and after you beat birdo and valentina, go near the hut on the right side of the palace and walk on the edge of the clouds and eventually you will walk in the air and you will see that planting shy guy. Get his fertilizer and got to Rose Town. You should have 6 star pieces to do this. Remember the house you had to help the man get up his house? well, if you don't know, when you enter, just keep on going straight until you see a NEW path. go to the house and you will notice a planter wants a "SEED" AND "FERTILZER". Give him one of each and he will go crazy. Next after you gave him both, a beanstalk will grow. Climb up it and you have the "LAZY SHELL" ARMOR AND WEAPON.

Grate Guy's Casino

Unlock Wii
First go to Bean Valley. When you get to an area with five warp pipes and a shy away, try all the pipes until you find a Golden Chomp. Defeat it and jump up 3 times. A secret plaform will appear. Jump on it and then right. To exit to the map screen where the casino will be go to your left. You need the "bright card" from knife guy at Booster's Tower.

Infinite Frog Coins

Unlock Wii
Go to lands end. Find the spot where the armored ant pops out of the sand. When he pops out jump on his head three times. After the third time you will get a frog coin. This can be repeated forever.
To acquire the Lambs Lure, you have to use the "Mystery Egg" 10 times in battle, and Princess has to be wearing the Bub "n" Tub ring. You can buy the Mystery Egg where you buy the Frying Pan. The Lambs Lure attempts to make bad guys like Goomba's and Troopa's flee from battle with it's fuzzy charm. However, It won't work on bosses like Belome, Axem Rangers, or Chesters.

Yoshi Aid

Unlock Wii
To get the "" you first have to reach Smity's Factory. Once you've done this, do the following: Go to "Yoster's Isle". Go to the red yoshi and get some "Yoshi Cookies" Go to the blue yoshi "boshi" and race him until you get a total of 15 yoshi cookies. Next go to the baby yoshi, who is now fat, feed him all the cookies to get a .