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Create your own Mario levels with Nintendo's Mario Maker.

Super Mario Maker Review

Nintendo is certainly no stranger to games where the creativity is left up to ther player. Dating all the way back to 1992, Mario Paint gave gamers the freedom of creativity to create artwork, music, and even animations with the Super Nintendo. That's right, Nintendo's 16-bit machine was already powerful enough to do that sort of thing. This do-it-yourself approach was later seen in WarioWare DIY, a game where player's imaginations could run wild and create their own micro-games, allowing the creation of everything from the artwork, animations and even sounds. Super Mario Maker, however, is a different beast altogether. This time, you're actively taking part in creating what is easily Nintendo's best selling genre; 2D Mario Platformers. Granted, it's not... Read Review

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  • Mario Maker brings in more costumes

    Mario Maker gets more costumes

    Steven "Siggy" McGarrett May 11, 2016