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Get in, sit down, buckle up and experience frantic kart racing in the game that started it all. Select one of eight characters from the Mario series

Super Mario Kart Cheats

Extra Continues

Unlock Wii
If you finish three races in the same place, you'll earn an extra continue.

Shrinking Racers

Unlock Wii
On the Player Select screen, highlight your driver and simultaneously press Y and A. The only way to change back during a race is to hit a mushroom dropped by the Princess. Note: this will not work in Time Trials or Battle Mode.

Character Shrink

Unlock Wii
At the character select screen, press Y.

Turbo Start

Unlock Wii
Hold B just as the Lakitu's first light flashes.

Race The Computer

Unlock Wii
On Controller 1, begin a one-player Time Trial. When you come to the driver select screen, press Start on Controller 2. Select a driver with Controller 2, and then select a driver with Controller 1. Begin the race by pressing Start on Controller 1, and you will be racing against a CPU player.
Enter the Time Trials and select your racer. Then push Left on your controller to move the cursor beside "Mushroom Cup." Then press L, R, L, R, L, L, R, R and A. You should see "Special Cup" appear below "Star Cup."

Flip Flop Screens

Unlock Wii
Hold L and R while you select a one-player game in Grand Prix mode. Select your class, driver, and track. Begin your race, and you will be at the bottom of the screen.
At the car select screen hit L(3) a, b, y, b, and finally x. Spider Man can shoot a web by pressing R and L at the same time