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Summon Night: Twin Age Arriving on DS May 20th

Summon Night: Twin Age Arriving on DS May 20th

Atlus USA revealed today that on May 20th, they would be bringing the stylus-driven action-RPG Summon Night: Twin Age to the Nintendo DS, and it will be rated E10+ by the ESRB. Much like The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, the stylus will be used to control actions such as sword-swinging or spell summoning via the touch screen. Atlus is promising precise controls, beautifully animated graphics, and addictive action-RPG gameplay. The story follows the human girl Reiha, who has proven adept at the magical art of Summoning since a young age; however, she caused an accident in practicing, leading those around her to believe she'd died. However, she survived with the young beast she'd summoned, Aldo, and they grew up together on an island of beast-like people, until one day, the Nature Spirits who lived on the island began acting strange... Features touted are two playable characters, precise stylus control, alternate paths and sidequests, and multiple endings. Plus wireless functions allow you to trade items locally as you battle, earn and improve skills, and craft weapons. Read More

kombo Mar 18, 2008 | Comments