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Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Goes Gold

For those unfamiliar with the term “going gold,” in the game industry it pretty much means that the game is officially done. Developer Ninja Theory has sent a finished version of Enslaved: Odyssey to the West to the publishers to be copied hundreds of thousands of times, so that we can eventually spend $60 on it. Once the disc is in the mail, the creative director then ceremoniously swims around in a giant vault filled with gold coins, Scrooge McDuck style. Back at home base when people say, "Hey, where is that one guy (or gal) who was the creative director?" everyone unanimously responds, "She (or he) went gold!" I'm not entirely sure about those last few details, considering especially that they are entirely made up, but it sounds right. The real news here, other than the game being entirely and completely finished, (other than downloadable updates) is that Enslaved: Oddysey to the West won’t be facing any delays, which is good news. Find out why after the jump. Read More


The Used Games Market

As years have passed by and I’ve gotten a bit older, piracy has become less and less interesting. Now, I’ll admit that some Japanese music that would be extraordinarily hard to find on disc has found its way to my computer, but even then I’ve purchased three or four CDs from Japan this year. Dear friends, keep going to Japan! I have a Zune subscription for music, Netflix for movies, Gamefly for games—though admittedly I buy more of those than most other things—and a DVR for television that isn’t going to make it to DVD. There’s just no need for me to pirate stuff anymore; it’s too easy to get the stuff I want. With that said, the market for used products is still alive and well, and has its place. While I don’t sell many of my games, I don’t mind buying used games. The ongoing argument about the role of retailers in game sales made me think about this a bit. While I prefer to buy games new, I think that the used market is absolutely necessary. Many gamers wouldn’t game if it weren’t for GameStop and the like. Read More


Scammers Trying to Fleece Starcraft 2 Players

We like to think that the types of people who play Starcraft are a pretty savvy bunch, but that doesn't mean that scammers aren't going to at least try and steal the identities of gamers eager to take part in Blizzard's latest masterpiece. A scam email has already begun making the rounds which, if successful, will allow some honorless thieves to clear out your bank account in a flash. Below is a reprint of the email with the malicious links removed. If you get a similar message then DELETE IT IMMEDIATELY AND NEVER LOOK BACK! Read More


Japan Has No Interest In 3D

Those who watched Sony's E3 press conference saw a company which is totally over the moon for 3D technology. The electronics titan is hoping that 3D-enabled televisions and game consoles (such as their very own PS3) will become the new industry standard in entertainment. Unfortunately, they may have gotten ahead of themselves as the country of Japan has spoken, and they like their televisions just the way they are now. Find out why after the break. Read More