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Stoked gives players physical control of their rider through the analog sticks, which eliminates the need for players to memorize combos and gives them the ability to craft their own riding and trick styles. As players complete challenges and win events with style, they gain sponsorships, gear, and clothing from over 30 real-world brands, like Burton, Libtech, Volcom, Dakine, Nikita, and Quicksilver, and they gain profiles of their exploits in leading snowboarding magazines, such as Snowboard Magazine.

Stoked: Big Air Edition Review

As a snowboarding enthusiast and a fan of snowboarding games, Stoked came as a pleasant surprise when it was first released. It wasn’t a serious snowboarding title nor was it too arcade-like so there was plenty of everything for fellow snowboarding fans to like despite its few problems. Stoked: Big Air Edition is the same game with a few improvements and new additions to make this the ultimate version of the game you will definitely want to play. Into the great white open Once again, you start the game editing your nameless snowboarder and adding little touches such as slapping on different clothing options, picking different nationalities and even customizing your board. You then hop on a helicopter and try your hand at your first mountain such as Almirante Nieto in Chile.... Read Review

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