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Virtua Tennis 4  - 843918

Virtua Tennis 4 Review

Franchise followers will find Virtua Tennis 4 a difficult title to resist. The gameplay has proven solid for years, and everyone loves to see their f Read More

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Top Spin 4

Tennis is one of those sports that people seem to enjoy, but never really respect as a videogame. While baseball, football, basketball, and hockey al Read More


Remembering the Visual Memory Unit

One of the most tragic elements about the premature death of the Dreamcast was the fact that the console was so far ahead of its time in so many ways. It featured VGA output and was the first console to make 3D look good. While the Xbox was just a cool name for vaporware, Halo was a Mac title, and while broadband was a luxury nobody had, we were all able to play Daytona USA and Phantasy Star Online via Sega-Net on 56k. The Dreamcast was the perfect mix of old school sensibility and new school vision, but one thing that Sega got definitely nailed ahead of anybody else was their method of saving games. Upon first opening the Dreamcast box and seeing the controller, my first thought was that of bewilderment. Why was there a giant hole in the already ginormous controller? That's when I discovered the magic of the Visual Memory Unit. Read More


Top Spin 4 Announced

2K Games announced today that Top Spin 4 will come out the Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii in 2011. It will introduce major changes from the previous game, but 2K made no mention of motion controls for the HD versions. Top Spin 4 will retain the franchise’s dedication towards creating a deep, realistic tennis experience as opposed to Sega’s arcade-oriented Virtua Tennis series. “Top Spin 4 is shaping up to be the most realistic and exhilarating tennis game in the Top Spin franchise,” said 2K president of product development Greg Thomas. 2K also promises one of the deepest player rosters yet which will include both contemporary and classic athletes – one of which will be a pre-order bonus at GameStop. The big changes coming to this entry are in the controls and the development behind the game. Read More


Nintendo Promises Improved MotionPlus Support

When Wii MotionPlus launched in June 2009, enthusiasts immediately realized what the Wii's technology was now capable of, and these abilities were shown off in releases of Wii Sports: Resort and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10. After the initial games that launched with MotionPlus, support for the new-fangled extension began to slack, even into 2010. All hope is not lost, though. Other sports titles undertook the new technology, including ,i>NHL 2K10, and fishing, tennis and golf releases. A huge, upcoming third-party title, Red Steel 2 looks to take motion-controlled gaming to a new level, but besides that we don't have a huge look into 2010. Other than Red Steel 2, we haven't seen much. At Nintendo's Media Summit, we only saw one title announced to be Wii MotionPlus compatible: FlingSmash. Hit the cut to find out why Nintendo's Reggie still thinks MotionPlus has "tremendous support." Read More


Need for Speed NITRO Producer Says "Industry Has Woken Up to Wii"

One might be hard-pressed to find a person who doesn't think that many developers and publishers have been giving the Wii the short end of the stick this generation, but Joe Booth, who is the Senior Producer of the Wii and DS-exclusive Need for Speed NITRO for EA Montreal, tells Official Nintendo Magazine that they want to "break some new games" and start taking risks on the Wii. "I can't speak for the rest of the industry or all of EA," Booth says in a published interview, "but I can speak for my group when I say I think we've turned a corner and the industry has woken up to Wii in the right way." Read More