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Set in 2082, Steel Battalion Heavy Armor depicts a world devoid of computers, where war is waged with rudimentary weapons as new superpowers struggle for dominance. In a twist of fate, the US army has been forced to begin major landing operations on what was once its own soil. In this low-tech era there is one weapon class that will determine the course of the war – the Vertical Tank. VTs are guaranteed to instil fear in enemy forces when they burst onto the battlefield; but they are nothing without the crews who man them. Lacking computer aided weapon and piloting systems, these brave men and women must now rely on skill, intuition and each other to ensure victory.

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Review

You know that saying, "Be careful what you wish for"? I have never felt that saying ring more true than with Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor. Ever since the release of the Kinect, I was begging for games that would utilize hybrid controls, and let you perform gestures through the Kinect, while still being controlled with a standard controller. Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, on paper, is a genius idea. A mech game that places you inside the cockpit, gives you complete control over it, allowing you to manually set various things such as mech speed, ammo type, and activating various switches such as vents, or even pulling down the periscope — all the while still be able to maneuver it with a standard controller. This was a dream come true to me. That dream was... Read Review

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There are currently no cheats available for Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor.