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Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Review

You know that saying, "Be careful what you wish for"? I have never felt that saying ring more true than with Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor. Ever since the release of the Kinect, I was begging for games that would utilize hybrid controls, and let you perform gestures through the Kinect, while still being controlled with a standard controller. Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, on... Read Review

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TGS: Steel Battalion Coming to Kinect

TGS: Steel Battalion Coming to Kinect

  Steel Battalion was legendary for one thing: its enormous controller. Festooned with knobs, buttons and flashing lights, it aimed to make players feel immersed in the mech combat experience. It looked awesome, and it was a lot of fun to use. Unfortunately, relatively few people bought it. A combination of the high price tag and the inaccessible difficulty of the game put many off. Not to mention the fact that the controller could only be used for that one game. And the fact it took up a considerable proportion of an average closet when not being used. So it's fitting that in a return for the series, Capcom are having a rethink. If the enormous, daunting controller put people off, then why not get rid of the controller entirely? Bold plans indeed. More after the jump. Read More

kombo Sep 16, 2010 | Comments