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Startopia Cheats

Hold F11 and type cliveroolz. The screen resolution will change to match that of the 8-bit Sinclair Spectrum PC. Repeat the code again to increase the resolution. Repeat the code a third time to return to normal.

Scuzzer View

Unlock PC
Hold F11 and type rshiftscuzzercam. The keys below will now control your view. Turn off NumLock. Cycle forward through views: Hold [Right Shift] + [Numpad 7] Cycle backward through views: Hold [Right Shift] + [Numpad 8]

Change Game Speed

Unlock PC
Hold F11 and type rshiftspeedup. The keys below will now control the game speed. Speed up: Hold [Right Shift] + > Slow down: Hold [Right Shift] + < Normal speed: Hold [Right Shift] + L