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At the start of the game, the war is not going well the bugs are rampaging across Hesperus - a planet perilously close to Earth. Colonised by man, Hesperus was once a haven of earthly tranquillity. Now, it is a terrifying battleground where the weaknesses of an implacable foe must be discovered and exploited

Starship Troopers Cheats

Extra Equipment

Unlock PC
Go to your Starship Trooper directory and select the mission directory. Go to each mission dir and look for interface.txt files, open the file, change the different values in equipment from 3 to 12 or 18. Note: make sure once you change the value in one file, the rest of the files must be changed as well, if not the next game cannot be played.

Be A Bug

Unlock PC
Insert CBUGSEE on the command line, and you get a nice cheat where you can see from the bugs' view. Simply press the '/' key during the game and select a bug and you'll see from their perspective.


Unlock PC
To have your troopers gain more experience after each battle, go to the "sttaunits" directory and open the st_db_attr file in notepad. Go to line 26. It should start out as: 26 1 0 0 15 0 0 1... Change this line to 26 1 0 0 200 0 0 1... You can try other values besides 200 to tweak the experience growth of your troopers.