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StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Map Pack #24

This package is a collection of twenty maps for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. 

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Map Pack #24

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Mod: StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Map Pack #24
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StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Map Pack #24
Matt Liebl Matt Liebl
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94.7 MB
September 07, 2011

Description of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Map Pack #24

This package is a collection of twenty maps for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. Scenario/Campaign/Legacy Moonglade Remake (Terrain Showcase) This is a 80% remake of a popular region in World of WarCraft called 'Moonglade'. The map has its use in WarCraft - Themed Cinematics. Zone Control Ultra v1.22 Based on the original Zone Control Ultra from the original Starcraft. The map is divided into 60, 32 or 12 different zones, depending on the option you choose. The person in control of a zone always has a bunker in the middle of it. To gain control of a zone, you will need to bring a Bunker Dispenser into it. If the zone is controlled by someone else, you will need to kill the bunker in the enemy zone and have more marines in the zone. Killing enemy marines grants you minerals. Shadows of the Tal'Darim Shadows of the Tal'Darim is a 3-part 1-5 player RPG for Starcraft 2. This RPG features -A hero save system that holds 3 heroes per player. (with a backup save system) -Content that adjusts difficulty based on how many players are present (+100% per player) -Content that drops more loot when there are more players present (allowing you to progress further) -A Unique Stat-point spending system that allows you to customize your character, and re-spend these stat points freely at any time. -9 Unique heros -A talent system that unlocks new abilities and improve your hero. -Diablo style Mercenaries that get stronger as you get stronger, and level as you level. -202 pieces of gear including helms, shoulder, chest, bracer, gloves, boots, rings and offhand! -Drive 1 of 4 different types of vehicles! -Default SC2 camera mode (unlock mode) default. Optional 'Lock camera mode' with WASD keyboard movement. (Not recommended for multiplayer) The murder on alpha base you take control of Corporal Samuel Vex to investigate a murder on Alpha Base. You have to interigate prisioners and find clues to reveal the true killer. Master Commander Master Commander is an exercise in testing a new style of gameplay's viability on (actually played by a large amount of people). MC is a 1v1 turn-based strategy game inspired by Final Fantasy Tactics (PS1), in which each player commands a group of rpg-archetype unit classes to out-strategize and eliminate his opponent. My purpose for releasing it now is to test whether it will sink into the dark, cold depths of 2.0 or swim and be worthy of continued development. Mini games/Hero arena/Base defense Naz^zombies you choose one of six characters (for six players) and survive against waves of zombies and demons by purchasing weapons, opening doors, using teleporters, perks, and powers Baneling Gauntlet Ver 1.7 - Play Solo or with a Buddy. Train an army of infantry to make it past waves of unrelenting banelings that just want to blow your brains out. After reaching the end of each gauntlet, you are rewarded minerals for more units or upgrades. The Great Swarm Attacks v6.4 Team up with 8 players and survive The Swarm attacks. -Win condition- Kill The Queen of the Swarm. -Lose condition- All Libraries destroyed. Baneling Run Baneling Run! is a maze-survival-runner style map created by Feral, trailer by Yellsen. The goal of Baneling Run! is simple: survive as long as possible. Here is a few features of the map: Saving System (Achievements and other statistics) Top-Down camera Addictive running from banelings Spectator mode when dead Different types of banelings Easy controls 4 different difficulties Power ups And many many more! Snipers ProMod 2 It can be up to 4vs4 and its a 12 minutes match the team with more points at the end wins. 1 Kill = 1 Point for your team and if you capture the flag you get 5 Points. After respawn you are invulnerable for 2 seconds so theres no spawn camping Both Teams have camera facing the other team base. Hide behind trees and walls and be fast! Universe of Mech Universe of Mech , You own a base and it gets to call down mech and upgrade them to different class mechs. Use different strategy and hunt down the other player's base. Also use your base's special ability to enhance tactics. Miscellaneous Build Your Own Maze A maze is like an obstacle course, with a defined start point and finish. Your objective is to get to the finish, while there are about 100 things trying to stop you from getting there. There is a clear path that if you step off it even for a second, you will die. I've defined some names for these different types of obstacles. - Runner: the unit controlled by the player, who must reach the finish. - Patroller: a unit that patrols back and forth, usually to block your path. If you touch a patroller, you will take damage. - Attacker: a unit that uses its splash damage attack to shoot at the ground, damaging the Runner if close enough. Like a Siege Tank, which shoots the ground, causing a deadly explosion. - Spawner: a building that constantly spawns new patrollers and/or attackers, each of which has a short life span. - Utility: none of the above. Simply a tool for the maze creator. - Creep: purple stuff that covers the ground and indicates what is NOT part of the path. If you step on creep you die. Apple 2E Tank Wars An amazing Apple 2E remake with cubes, spheres, and anything else you could ever want! -Now in COLOR! This is a WASD, Mouse-look Game Music from Megaman 10, Sheepman (Capcom) Galactic Command Take over the known galaxy. Colonise planets, research advanced technology and build huge fleets. Form alliances and forge an empire that will last forever. Galaxy 6000 This map is a remake of the NES racing game, Galaxy 5000. It includes all of the original 10 tracks and 5 vehicles. A mouse movement system is used for lowest Battlenet lag. Also features music from F-Zero GT and Etreme G3 Training Darglein's Micro Trainer v1.10 Features -Singleplayer -30 different challenges -Infinite difficulty levels per challenge Meatgrinder Create as much units of any race you want instantly, upgrade them and your enemies if you like and battle individual waves, that start on your command. Find out the strenghts of the SC-units in small or big battles and learn to manage controlling them. Multiplayer Triple Simultaneous Mirror Matchups You control 3 bases at the start: a zerg base, a protoss base and a terran base. Each base is in its own isolated section of the map. Your aim is to annihilate all opponents in each section of the map. You lose if any of your starting main buildings are destroyed. Babylone Up to 8 players on a maximum size melee map published on eu realm. 1v1 2v2 3v3 4v4 and 2 to 8 players free for alls. 48 bases (including the 4 starting locations) ; four corners are blocked by destructible rocks: 4 bases blocked at start and 4 bases with a large detour necessitated. The Stormpeaks A regular melee map, 4v4, and it is themed after the Storm Peaks in WoW. There are minor differences from a melee map, such as certain "critters" that you may encounter on the map are hostile and will attack your units if you get to close. They can be easily dealt with, so they're more of a random annoyance than a hampering problem. They're not very common, just one here and there guarding rich expansions. In addition, the map's fog of war is dark. You cannot see unexplored areas at all. This is to simulate the ongoing blizzard on the map and its effect on your radar. It also makes expansions a bit of a treasure hunt to find (not a very hard one), which sort of adds to the fun.
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