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Star Wolves 3: Ashes of Victory is a stand-alone expansion, the third game in the Star Wolves saga. Original large-scale scenario, closely tied with the first part of the intergalactic epic, helps players influence the ongoing events and affect one of many endings. Free roaming, free mission selection, free team forming – the world of Star Wolves waits for its heroes. The epic saga continues. The last years of the Old Empire were soaked in corruption, piracy and the bloody conflicts which led to its demise. The so-long-awaited peace and order never returned to the Outer Worlds. The New Empire withstood heavy losses in the decisive battles of the Civil War and was forced to retreat to the Phoenix Sector. The clan feud cut the Triad Corporation into two irreconcilable camps. The attempt of an inner coup bled InoCo to near death. The entire systems fell under the control of pirates, and the allies of the former Emperor Ezar, who are trying to enforce terror and chaos in the worlds that would not obey them. The confrontation between various fractions escalates day by day, and a single spark is enough to set the Universe ablaze again.

Star Wolves 3: Ashes of Victory Review

What’s worse than a mediocre open-world space RPG? A stand-alone expansion that doesn’t improve on any core mechanics and just adds more of the same monotonous gameplay that made the original painstakingly difficult to trudge through. Star Wolves 3: Ashes of Victory continues the story of the galactic Civil War, pitting you smack dab in the middle and leaving you to decide who to join and who to take down.While this formula sounds intriguing, its execution is poorly done. The game touts over 100 explorable stellar systems, but who wants to explore maps that look almost identical to each other, with the only differences being a few space stations and enemies sprinkled throughout?Star Wolves excels at customization though. From the myriad of different starships to the grueling amount of... Read Review

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There are currently no cheats available for Star Wolves 3: Ashes of Victory.