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Weekly Wrap-Up 7/22/11

It's Friday, gamers. That means we've got the round-up of GameZone's latest coverage. Missed a review this week? Perhaps you're interested in checkin Read More


Amazon Holds More Wii Gold Box Deals

Just a quick alert for the more frugal game shoppers reading this: is running another Wii-centric Gold Box today, with the Deal of the Day being Bandai Namco's Active Life: Extreme Challenge Bundle with Mat for $34.98, regularly $59.99. Earlier, they had Spore Hero for $33.98, down from $49.99, but that has since sold out. The clue they dropped for the next deal had me hoping for Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, but instead, it is Star Wars the Clone Wars: Republic Heroes for $34.98, down from $49.99. Dang. Read More


Third Parties Not Required to Release Downloadable Versions of PSP Games, Some Quite Happy in Not Do

The PSPgo has is fair share of issues: it costs more than a regular PlayStation Portable which can do more, including play UMDs, for example. But there is one issue which Sony may not have taken into proper account, and that is the fact third-parties are not required to release PSP titles on the PlayStation Store. Furthermore, it seems there are companies who are quite willing to release their games on UMD and leave it at that. Read More


Week-Ending Game Endings - 10.02.09 - Shadows of the Empire

I like to try to keep the Week-Ending Game Endings somewhat relevant to what is coming out, but this week, I ran into a bit of a spot. See, next week's releases? It's kind of a bland list. There are some sports games, some Fallout DLC, sure, but not a lot to really work with. But one thing stuck out to me: Star Wars: Clone Wars - Republic Heroes. So I decided to look back at one of my favorite Star Wars games, and one I hope LucasArts will bring to the Virtual Console at some point in the future, Shadows of the Empire. For some reason, it seems like people didn't care much for Shadows of the Empire. Myself, I rather liked it; I not only got, played, and beat the game, but read the book, too. And while I know he's basically a substitute Han Solo, I liked Dash Rendar. I wonder if he'll ever show up again. Then again, I don't follow most of the Star Wars comics, novels, etc. all that closely, so maybe he already has. Anyone know? Have a great weekend, everybody! Read More


Nintendo Reveals First- and Third-Party Holiday Lineup

Nintendo has released the planned publishing schedule as it stands for the Wii and Nintendo DS/DSi, from both themselves and their third-parties. A lot of definite dates are not set in, instead referenced as "Fall," "Holiday," or "November," for example, but nonetheless serves to give us an idea of what the coming months will bring. "This extensive lineup will keep players busy throughout the fall and into 2010," said Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo of America's executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. "Shoppers know that Nintendo offers fun for everyone in the household." Nintendo also mentions the upcoming black Wii Remote, Nunchuk, and MotionPlus as being available "this holiday season," though they don't get any more specific than that. Hit the jump for the full press release and list of games that will become available. Read More


Media: First Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes Trailer

As previously announced yesterday, LucasArts has unveiled it's newest Star Wars game, The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes. Yes, my initial excitement has carried over even a day later, and thankfully GameTrailers delivered today with its posting of the debut trailer for the game. Observe: While it certainly doesn't reveal all that much, as most of it is just clips from the show, it honestly hasnt' swayed my opinion either way. Read More


Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes Unveiled by LucasArts; Screens Included!

Star Wars is the greatest creation in the history of existence. I don't care what anyone says. So, when a new game is announced, regardless of its potential suck-factor (Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels), it's an exciting time for me. Thus, when LucasArts announced today its upcoming co-op focused Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes, I immediately crapped in my pants a bit. The game is set for release on September 15, 2009 on all major home consoles (developed by Krome Studios), as well as the Nintendo DS. The game is set between seasons one and two of the TV show, and LucasArts promises the game will have important ties to the show, bridging the gap between seasons. Players will get to play as clone troopers, but more importantly, characters like Obi-Wan, Anakin, Ahsoka, Commander Cody, Captain Rex, Mace Windu, and Kit Fisto. These are the characters mentioned in the official release, but if I don't get to play as Plo Koon I'm going to have some issues. Read More