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Star Wars: The Clone Wars immerses players into the role of Jedi hero to lead a clone army from the Republic against the menacing offensive threat of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Under the leadership of the insidious Count Dooku, countless armies of Confederacy droids have swarmed every star system, sowing chaos and destruction across Republic worlds. To combat this threat the Republic has deployed a massive army of clones, led by one of three player-controlled Jedi: Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi or Mace Windu. Their goal is to thwart the Confederacy from reassembling an ancient Sith weapon of mass destruction. That mandate places the fate of the Republic in the hands of players, who must command their forces through 16 dramatic campaigns spanning six immense Star Wars worlds, from the desolate, ice-covered ruins of Rhen Var and war-torn plains of Geonosis, to the towering treetop cities of the Wookiee home planet of Kashyyyk. Star Wars: The Clone Wars features innovative and well-detailed single and multiplayer campaigns coupled with a unique blend of non-stop action. The game will incorporate popular characters and various familiar vehicles and settings from Star Wars: Episode II. While the game's primary focus is on high-intensity engagement, defined combat roles for each vehicle will add a distinctive dimension. Upon meeting certain objectives, players can change vehicles during battle and pilot an array of units from the arsenal of the Republic, including a speeder bike, AT-SX assault walker, fighter tank, and Republic gunship.

Star Wars The Clone Wars - GC Cheats

When on foot, instead of repeatedly pressing A, hold the button. wrshanahan.
To freeze some of the droids in The Liberation of Kashyyyk mission, make your way to the communications tower. When you arrive in the area, do not kill the droids. Instead, run straight into the tower. When you come out, the droids that were guarding the tower are now frozen. GR8BigRed.
On The multi-player level Kashyyk (Conquest), if you are Team 1 pick the droid. Walk to the cliff. Fall off and activate your shield (Y) just before you hit the bottom. You will be able to walk on the ground.
If you use your boost, you can climb the rock off to the right and get Super Blasters for twenty seconds. Matt.
Have both player select any two characters. Reset during game play. Both players can now highlight the same character at the selection screen. Wait for the countdown to end to play as the same character.
If you are a Walker, you can fall off the bridge and put your plasma shield up. You should survive. You can then order your troops to the other team's base. Bu doing this, you should be able to win without losing any health or dying. Note: If you put your shied up before you fall, you will die. This trick works best with the "Unlimited ammunition" code. AT-TE.
Move your tank around the Dark Reaper so that you are facing it and out of its cannon range. Strafe to the right or the left. Keep going in circles around it while firing. It cannot shoot you, but you can shoot it, However, when it fires its main laser beam at you, use a boost to get away. This strategy works also well with some other Bosses. DarkGunner_1.
To get on top of the rock with the Disintegration Field and Cloaking Device, go to the place where there are pointy spikes everywhere. Turn left onto the upper levels (turn left if facing the rock, right if not) then search around that little area (without leaving the pillars' area). You will see a ramp. Go up it then keep going until you see a hole. Boost over the hole and hold L slightly. You should be on the other side. Keep going to get to an invincibility item. You will see a ramp in front of the invincibility item, Boost long enough over it and you should end up on the rock. Warwolf.
The three R5 droids for the "New Alliances" mission on the Kashyyyk moon are located as follows. Aaron Kraayenhof.
You will see a blue forcefield. Keep shooting it until it blows up to reach a hidden area. Warwolf.
You may have noticed SuperBlasters and Health behind a wall in the level. To get there, go through the buildings. At the end (on the other side of the forcefield) turn right. You will see a wall. Shoot it until it explodes. Warwolf.
Collect a total of 45 bonus points. LarryboyA2J.
Instead of fighting your way to the gunship, just run to it. Mace will automatically deflect most attacks. wrshanahan.
The first radar dish is on a ledge to the right of the fallen assault ship. The second is at the fuel depot to the right on a ledge. The third is at the fuel depot to left behind some boxes. The fourth is located to the left of the fuel depot on a ledge. Jason Cochran.
Collect a total of 25 bonus points.
Collect a total of 30 bonus points.
Collect a total of 35 bonus points.
Collect a total of 40 bonus points.
Collect a total of 5 bonus points.
Collect a total of 10 bonus points.
Collect a total of 15 bonus points.
Collect a total of 20 bonus points.
Enter CINEMA as a code.
Press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start at the options screen or during game play.
Enable the "Unlimited secondary and special weapon" code and play in an AT-XT. Hold Y though the mission and you will be invincible. James Trimmer.
Enter SAYCHEESE as a code. Note: The Sketchbook option must first be unlocked to view them.
Enter 1WITHFORCE as a code.
Enter FRAGFIESTA as a code. rrhea.
Enter GASMASK as a code.
Enter THRISNOTRY as a code. LegoKid292.
Enter yub yub as a password.
Enter fragfiesta as a password.
Enter saycheese as a password.
Enter cinema as a password.
Enter FUZZBALL as a password.
Enter GASMASK as a password.
Enter TRADEFED as a password.
Enter GIMME as a password.

Infinite ammo

Enter SUPERLASER as a password.
Enter the following code at the code screen: LETSDANCE
Enter the following code at the cheat menu: FUZZBALL Wookie will now be available in the Jedi Academy.


Enter the following code at the cheat menu: 1WITHFORCE
Enter the following code at the cheat menu: CINEMA
Enter the following code at the code screen: NOHONOR
Enter the following code at the cheat menu: FRAGFIESTA
Enter the following code at the cheat menu: RogerRoger The battle droid will now be available in Geonosis Academy.