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Weekly Wrap-Up 9/16/11

After a long week, there's nothing quite like sitting in front of your TV or computer and playing some video games. Of course, reading about video ga Read More

David Sanchez Sep 27, 2011 | Comments

Star Fox 64 3D Review

While the Nintendo 3DS’ success remains in question, Nintendo continues to pull out all stops to show consumers that the 3DS has what it takes to g Read More

Heath Hooker Sep 12, 2011 | Comments

3DS eShop Launch Details

Gamers have been waiting for the type of content that will give them reason to pick up and play their brand new 3DS handhelds. You won't have to wait Read More

David Sanchez Sep 27, 2011 | Comments
3DS On The Streets Of London

3DS On The Streets Of London

Walking around yesterday at the weekly hipster street fair held on East London's Brick Lane, I practically stumbled into what turned out to be the first public day of Nintendo's promotional 3DS tour. It's the same presentation that's been given to select journalists and industry types recently, but for the first time, anyone could simply walk up and get early access to Nintendo's new handheld. I was expecting to get to play a few games, but I definitely didn't anticipate all the fanfare that accompanied the tour. I guess I haven't learned anything from E3 and other industry events. Hit the jump for my account of the demonstration. Read More

kombo Feb 7, 2011 | Comments