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SSX is a snowboarding game for Next-Gen game consoles that continues the over-the-top Arcade style fun that the long-running SSX franchise is famous for. The game features racing and trick gameplay both in single player and multiplayer options, with runs set across the mountains of the world using real-world NASA topographical data. Additional features include: new and returning franchise favorite characters, global events and the ability to race against ghost images representing a friend's time on a run, real-world conditions like avalanches, rockslides and freezing temperatures, and more.

SSX Review

The SSX franchise has experienced numerous highs throughout its lengthy tenure, most notably on the original Xbox. Flying down snow-packed mountains, and landing death-defying tricks offered hours of insane gameplay. The series also landed one of the best in-game music tracks in history, headlined by Run DMC's "It's Tricky." ​As you can imagine, nostalgia instantly kicked in when EA announced a new SSX title. Despite notable changes in the series' direction, the newest ​SSX offers an impressive snowboarding experience for newcomers and old-schoolers alike.  Those who were lucky enough to experience any of the older SSX titles are quick to question if this SSX holds true to form in terms of gameplay. Luckily,... Read Review

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