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Kombo's Weekly Round-Up: TGS 2010, Halo: Reach, Move, and More!

It was a busy week here at Kombo thanks to the Tokyo Game Show, which is trying to make a comeback from obscurity, and as a result, was filled with announcements from Japanese game developers, including the BIZZARRE announcement that Yakuza 4 will be a zombie game. Yeah, figure that one out.  We also got our hands on Sony's Move for the PlayStation 3, and have several reviews up for the launch games.  And, of course, there was the release of Halo: Reach, which apparently was a huge success, with $200 million in sales on day one. Unfortunately, 90% of those purchasers are still whiny little teenage boys, but with a new auto-mute feature for truly annoying players, Reach's online gameplay is better than ever.  Check out this week's news after the break and get caught up. There's a lot here, folks, because as usual, we cover everything that matters. Read More

original Outs Plans for New Sequel

The Sims is one of the most popular and persistent franchises in gaming, so it shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that EA is already preparing for the sequel to 2009's The Sims 3. The publisher registered the domain name back in June, though news is just now circulating around the web. Naturally, EA probably isn't about to let one of their most profitable franchises - and with the casual audience, no less! - stagnate without a new entry for too much time. They certainly don't when it comes to their EA Sports franchises, and with their competitor Activision pumping out, what, two or three Guitar Hero titles a year, they really can't afford to. Hit the jump to keep reading. Read More


Sony Announce Showcase Lineup For Eurogamer Expo

E3 may have come and gone, but it's not the end of convention season. Europe gets a slice of the pie in October with the Eurogamer Expo. And the public are invited to this one, too. Sony have announced the titles they intend to showcase at the expo, which takes place between October 1 and 3 in London. There are three main tracks they're intending to exhibit: standard PS3 titles, 3D games and Move games. More details after the jump. Read More


Sony E3 Line Up Revealed

Sony has created a new website revealing a handful (six) of the games on their E3 line up. What has been revealed so far is everything from first person shooters, racers, sports titles, and games using PlayStation Move. Those six games are after the break. Read More


Madden 09 and NBA 09 on Chopping Block for EA Sports' Online Cuts

A commonly-heard complaint about EA Sports titles such as Madden is that it is just the same game, repackaged year after year with a few stat tweaks and the like. And yet, the complaint continues, fans eat it up year after year, thus making the company plenty of money. However, one must wonder if perhaps these same fans who have padded EA's pockets year after year have begun to catch on, thus prompting the company to take action by shutting down the servers for a number of its "09" titles. Read More