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Spore Hero delivers the unmatched creative freedom of Spore in an accessible, story-driven action-adventure made exclusively for the Wii. Set in a rich and vibrant 3D world, Spore Hero empowers players to create their own Hero as they embark on an epic quest to save their new home world from destruction as a dark force threatens the planet. Taking full advantage of the Wii controls, Spore Hero engages players in heated battles, humorous missions, curious puzzles and more. Throughout the game, players will collect more than 250 parts with unique abilities and experience the unparalleled customization of the revolutionary Spore Creature Creator enhanced for the Wii

Spore Hero Review

Many years ago, there was a children's software program called Monster Maker Math. The premise was that children earned monster body parts as they answered math questions correctly. These body parts were wacky and wonderful, and the monsters fun to design. Spore Hero reminds me of that game and has a lot of the same charm and whimsy.   The original Spore is a PC game that is a simulation game set in space, wherein players essentially have an enormous sandbox to create their own species and send them off to colonize and take over the universe. Spore Hero uses the same concept of monster design, but takes another tack of a platforming game with battles. In Spore Hero, players will spend their time earning body parts for their monsters by completing simple quests, which range from... Read Review

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There are currently no cheats available for Spore Hero.