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TransFormers: Animated Rolling Onto Nintendo DS

IGN reports that Activision has revealed they are bringing a new TransFormers game to the Nintendo DS, this one based on the series TransFormers: Animated. It is being developed by Artificial Mind and Movement, or A2M for short, who has also made the DS version of Spider-man: Friend of Foe for Activision. The game will be utilizing and expanding upon a side-scrolling engine used in games such as Disney's Kim Possible, allowing players to take control of Autobot washouts Bumblebee, Bulkhead, Prowl, and of course, Optimus Prime (and maybe Ratchet, but that's unsaid). The different characters will use their unique attributes and abilities to solve puzzles throughout the game's levels, so that they may retrieve the pieces of the Allspark. And of course, you get to transform to vehicle mode and cruise the streets of a futuristic Detroit. TransFormers: Animated is expected to see an October release; no word on any other versions, however. Read More


Rumor: Spider-man: Web of Shadows Headed to (nearly) All Platforms

As has already been mentioned, these rumors are definitely still just rumors, but the inevitability of another Spider-man title is like the inevitability that the flaws of the third Spider-man movie will forever defame the trilogy. Spider-man: Web of Shadows appears to be the title for the next Spidey game, and hopefully it can erase any memory of the past two Spider-man games (Friend or Foe, Spider-man 3). This one is hitting every single platform you could think of, except for Gameboy Advance, but honestly it's, for all intents and purposes, dead. A confirmation either way will hopefully come by E3. Read More


Iron Man - NDS - Review

As previous reviews expose, I am a proud comic geek and thus carry the common frustration of hero games coming up short when given the chance. Who ca Read More