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In Spelunker HD, the player navigates each labyrinthine level to reach an ancient statue that stands at the entrance to yet a deeper, more heinous cave. En route, you will operate archaic mine equipment and ride automated machinery to aid in your quest. You'll collect a plethora of items and power-ups, encounter a vast array of creatures, detonate bombs and launch flares as you run, jump and climb your way ever deeper. When nostalgia strikes, an option to play in the classic 2D graphic style is also available.

Spelunker HD Review

Some retro remakes are no-brainers. Bionic Commando, Galaga, and even Lode Runner all possessed a certain charm that made them obvious candidates for an HD remake. One title I don't seem to recall having fond memories of, mostly because I haven't even heard about until its HD remake, is Spelunker. This game sadly reminds everyone that not all retro games deserve an HD facelift.The premise of Spelunker HD is simple. You're a miner in search of great treasure as you descend hundreds of meters down into a cave. As you make your way down, various environmental hazards, creatures and even ghosts want to end your quest early. To ensure survivability, you're armed with bombs to clear away rocks that block your path, flares that scare away bats and birds bent on ending your life, and a portable... Read Review

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    Spelunker HD Review

    Mike Splechta Dec 23, 2010