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Spectrobes Cheats

Rewards From the Giant Vortexes

Unlock Nintendo DS
Cyclone Geo Complete Daichi Area 1 vortex
Evolve Mineral Complete Nessa Area 2 vortex
Hammer Geo Complete Nessa Area 3 vortex
Ice Geo Complete Himuro vortex
Plasma Geo Complete Ziba Area 3 vortex
Thunder Geo Complete Ziba Area 2 vortex
Wing Geo Complete Meido vortex

Cube Locations

Hint Nintendo DS
sigma cube (DS wireless play) on Genshi area 1, at the entrance to the forest area, there is a person there, search below him
tau cube (wi-fi) once you unlock nessa, go to area 2, go to the right until you see a spire sticking out of the ground, search below it
upsilon cube (enables card input) once you unlock kollin, go downwards from your ship, then go right, you should see a tree soon, search under it