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Sparkle 2 is a superbly polished match-three puzzle game set in a mysterious world of magic and wonder. The game features smooth gameplay, plenty of power-ups with big special effects, beautiful graphics, and a cinematic soundtrack.

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I never played the first Sparkle game, which was on mobile devices. As a matter of face, my first experience with a 10tons game was King Oddball on the PlayStation 4, which I found weird and addicting. When I got a review code for Sparkle 2, I didn't even read the email. I saw a screenshot, thought "Oh my god it's Zuma! I love Zuma!", and then saw it is not Zuma. It's a lot like Zuma, which will make it appeal to anyone that's a fan of that series and owns a PS4/PS Vita, but it stands on its own.  Sparkle 2 is an action puzzle game where different colored balls move along a path, and it's your job to shoot balls and make matches of three or more before they reach the target goal area. With the simple... Read Review

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