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Space Trek follows the exploits of space pilot Captain Jay as he traverses a distant planet in order to rescue a group of stranded survivors. In his way are the Knagar, a race of alien beings set out to impede Captain Jay's mission. You must help the hero save the survivors and defeat the evil Knagar.

Space Trek Review

Space Trek on WiiWare is a funny game. It's not because of the in-game dialogue and quips of main character Captain Jay; they aren’t funny and straddle the line of downright horrible. But the game itself is funny because it’s so terrible that it warrants a chuckle at the developers’ expense. Simply put, Space Trek is a game that promises a grand shooting adventure and fails on every conceivable level. A few gamers may have been tracking the title's release, hoping it harks back to Star Fox 64. Don’t be fooled, though. This is no Star Fox 64 clone.You play as Captain Jay, a blue-haired space pilot sent to a distant planet in order to rescue a group of survivors. Who these survivors are is never made clear, but if the game’s trailer is correct, then they’re apparently Captain Jay’s... Read Review

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    Space Trek review

    David Sanchez Sep 11, 2010