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  • Release Date(s): Apr 14, 2010
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The arcade classic, Space Invaders, is back and on the attack! Battle squadron after squadron of alien forces as they pulse down through the menacing sky. No time to stop! You can

Space InvadersA Cheats

Double shots

Hold Reset and power on the Atari 2600. Select game 1 and begin game play.

Nine Lives

Unlock PC
Pause the game and press Right, Right, Right, Down, Circle, Left, Down.

Double Fire Power

Unlock PC
When you first turn the game on, simply press GAME SELECT several times, hold down GAME RESET. Switch the console off and then back on again then release GAME RESET. This should give you double fire instead of one at a time.

Game Shark Codes

Unlock Playstation 2
North American (NTSC) version Unlimited lives: 800B51DD 0005 Unlimited points: 810B51E2 FFFF Always have vertical burst: 810B51DE 0104 Always have horizontal right: 810B51DE 0204 Always have horizontal left: 810B51DE 0304 Always have diagonal burst: 810B51DE 0404 Unlimited shields: 810B51B6 0001

Level passwords

Unlock PC
Level 2 Earth wwyx tc2n qw79vy Level 3 Mars ?wz4 vcln 4w81v? Level 4 Jupiter rssn 3qj7 8?gjmc Level 5 Saturn wspz mso8 n?h8nf Level 6 Uranus cv1? qwkg j3x8r5 Level 7 Neptune hv27 rw1g n3yor7 Level 8 Pluto mv7h rclh 3zsr9 Level 9 Alien Home rv8r rc2h x3?rjc

Classic mode

Unlock Xbox 360
Enter: clss1281999dbm as a password.

Level Select

Unlock PC
At the main menu, choose either one or two players and press Circle (instead of X) to begin the game. An option screen that allows anylevel, including planet Mercury with a new power up and an "Alien World" featuring the best background in the game.

Five Shots

Unlock PC
Pause the game and press Down, Left, Circle, Down, Right, Right, Right.
Enter the "Level select" code, choose level 00, and complete it to unlock an ending, classic mode, and credits. Press Right when choosing then number of players to access classic mode. Enter the options screen to access the credits.
Infinite Lives (disables power ups) 800EF4A4 0004 Have Power up after 2 Shots 800EF4A6 0003 Invincible 800EF49C 000B