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Space Holiday follows Nico on his quest through the galaxy, traveling to the far reaches of the stars for an interstellar vacation. Gamers help Nico travel by connecting all of the visible stars in order to open the star portal, so that Nico may fly off to the next level. Players must also take care to not include asteroids in the star formation, or else the portal will remain closed. Through their galactic journey, players will encounter special, powerful stars, like the Ninja Star which destroys asteroids in its path, or the Plunger Star, which pulls other stars away from asteroids and out into the open where they can be connected more easily. Travelers must plan their journey carefully: the star portal won’t open until all stars are connected, but with multiple solutions to each level, it helps to get creative!

Space Holiday Review

Space Holiday is a charming puzzle game that tasks you to connect various stars without having any meteors in between. Gameplay is kept simple with taps relegated to connecting the variously scattered stars. It wouldn’t be a puzzle game if there weren’t multiple kinds of stars in the game. Some have little wings and move throughout the level on paths, while other are dressed like ninjas and can destroy a meteor if another star is lined up with it. When you put all of the different kinds of stars on the same level, it shows how despite its simple gameplay, it can still prove to be somewhat challenging. Space Holiday is a puzzle game, but don’t let that scare you away from it. A lot of the puzzles took me just a few tries to master (or get a 3 star rank) but... Read Review

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