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Sound Shapes is a side-scrolling platformer with a musical focus.  The game features the ability to create levels and share levels withother users.  

Sound Shapes Review

Sound Shapes may very well be one of the most astoundingly surprising games to launch this summer. I say that because despite the fact that I enjoyed it at E3 a couple of months ago, it still totally surprised me when I finally played the full version. I knew I liked the game before, but upon playing the complete game on the PlayStation Network, I fell in love with it. Sound Shapes is an ambitious title, and one that PlayStation 3 and Vita owners should immediately check out and enjoy. When you first start playing Sound Shapes, it eases you into the experience with a brief tutorial on how to play the game's levels and how to create your own. This isn't some long drawn out tutorial; it's a basic means of teaching you the ins and outs of Sound Shapes, and once you get... Read Review

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