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SOULCALIBUR: Broken Destiny Cheats

Unlocking Weapons

Unlock Playstation Portable
"Broken Destiny" weapon Clear The Gauntlet
Additional weapon Clear either Trial of Attack or Trial of Defense using the corresponding fighting style

Unlockable Honors

Unlock Playstation Portable
Aloof Marionette Clear missions in THE GAUNTLET using all styles.
Black Sword Valor Execute a combination of 30 Side Dash Counters and Back Dash Counters
Bouncing Belle Defeat 100 female characters.
Boundless Spirit Guard 10 times in a single match.
Brave Warrior Win 100 times in QUICK MATCH.
Broken Destiny Acquire all Honors aside from this one.
Chosen Child Execute a Just Impact
Cliffside Hero Execute 3 Ringouts in a single match.
Cloud Craftsman Use up all free slots in CREATION.
Commander of Life Fight and win against all Styles.
Daybreak Clear all missions up to Chapter 3 in THE GAUNTLET
Demon Victor Execute 5 Critical Finishes.
Elation of Chance Execute a Throw Escape.
End of Tests View Chapter 34 "Finale" in THE GAUNTLET.
Expert Dancer Execute a 7+ combo
Fearful Hero Clear TRIAL OF DEFENSE with more than 2,400,000 points.
Fierce Blade Execute 5 Side Dash Counters and Back Dash Counters in a single match.
First Gate Play THE GAUNTLET
Flower Among Weeds Use all frame decorations for thumbnail photographs in CREATION.
Glorious Victory Win 10 times in VERSUS.
Greedy Fool Achieve Score Magnification x1000% in TRIALS.
Heaven's Favor Execute 25 Throw Escapes.
Hidden Fierceness Execute a Throw.
Howling General Obtain 100 titles in QUICK MATCH.
Innocent Artist Create a character with no equipment
Iron Soldier Hit the opponent into the wall 5 times.
King of the Arena Win 20 consecutive times in QUICK MATCH.
King of the Void Defeat 20 opponents in ENDLESS TRIAL.
Light Clear all mission up to chapter 30 in THE GAUNTLET
Loser's Lament Win with a Ring Out.
Lurking Demon Attempt 100 missions in THE GAUNTLET.
Messenger to Hell Win with 40 Ring Outs.
Nightmare Clear all mission up to chapter 15 in THE GAUNTLET
Painted Illusion Take a photo using frame decorations and backgrounds for thumbnail photographs in CREATION.
Passionate Artist Take 5 photos during 1 sessions in CREATION's thumbnail photograph
Peek of Idiocy End in a Double K.O.!
Radiant Skyscraper Gather all weapons for each Style.
Ranging Dash Clear TRIAL OF ATTACK with more than 1,600,000 points.
Rebel Beacon Execute A Guaranteed Hit.
Rebel Disciple Execute 30 Guaranteed Hits.
Skillful Warrior Recover from a Recoverable Stun 10 times.
Small Victory Win once in VERSUS.
Stirring Youth Defeat 100 male characters.
Strong Savage Hit opponentsinto the wall 50 times.
Test Pursuer Reach the highest rank possible in any mission(Easiest one is 1-1).
Traveling Fighter Run 1km with 8-Way Run.
Unending Strife Defeat 765 opponents.
Waking Art Create your first original character in CREATION
Wandering King Run 10km with 8-War Run.
Wandering Tracks Choose all Modes(except Recoreds and Options).

Unlockable Armor

Unlock Playstation Portable
Bandana Get 50 titles
Deer Head Beat "The Gauntlet"
Eye Patch Get 50 titles
Griffin Beat "The Gauntlet"
Japanese Eye Patch (female) Get 50 titles
Kittymeow Head Beat "The Gauntlet"
Komusou Get 50 titles
Minotaur Beat "The Gauntlet"
Prayer Beads Get 50 titles
Tengu Mask Get 50 titles
Tiger Lily Armor Get 50 titles
Werewolf Beat "The Gauntlet"