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  • Available on PS Vita
  • Publisher(s): Sony
  • Release Date(s): Apr 30, 2013
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Game Summary

Soul Sacrifice is an Action Role-playing game (RPG) set in a world of fantasy and mythology, that places players in the unique position of requiring them to physically sacrifice aspects of themselves and the world around them to gain power. The game is designed exclusively for play on PlayStation Vita, and is the first RPG experience that takes full advantage of PS Vita technical capabilities. Additional game features include co-op game options, character development based on player actions, character leveling, and mythologically based enemies.

Soul Sacrifice Review

Last week, we gave our initial impressions of Soul Sacrifice, the Monster Hunter-esque game for the PS Vita, and we were hopeful that the game might even warrant a Vita purchase if you've been holding off thus far. After putting in dozens of hours into Soul Sacrifice, I can, with full confidence, confirm that this is the case here. Soul Sacrifice tells the story of a prisoner stuck in a cell made out of spikes and human bones, who's to be consumed by a sorcerer named Magusar. Among a pile of bones, however, he finds a talking book named Librom, with a cover made from flesh, complete with eyeballs and all. This book collects and recounts sorcerers' adventures, and the ultimate goal is that the reader gain enough experience and power by living through those memories to... Read Review

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