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Cheats for Soul of Guardian

Beginner’s Guide for Soul of Guardian MMORPG - A Quick Leap to Lv50

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Soul of Guardian is now a vastly growing hit in the game sector. Players can make friends and take a team to kill monsters or explore dungeons, go fishing, foster pets and have a general GREAT time…in the game. It is a vast fantasy world where the players save lives and extreme challenges await. Yet, you must reach a level of excellence if you want to become formidable within this realm. Once you are of high level and begin creating your very own legendary fighting gear, you can challenge higher grade dungeons, get more excellent equipment and stand proud while other players look at you in awe. I am here to share with you some super tricks of the trade to obtain a splendid upgrade in your character. Hopefully, this will help you fly through levels with ease!

Ok, here we go: Follow the newbie quest and you will reach Lv35 in one or two hours. Stone Golem is available for Lv35 or above players. It’s a dungeon for you to gain abundant exp and various items such as gems and magic runes! But be careful, for there are great beasts that carry plenty of extra items they have stolen from their victims!! Before entering Stone Golem, enhance your equipment with runes or gems. Then, try your best to gain 1000 Longest Spree, the BEST buff. Defeat at least 100 monsters continuously in the wild and you will gain Longest Spree Buff for 10 minutes. If you make it to 1000, you will gain 50% exp bonus and 10% damage bonus, lasting for 100 minutes. The buff can be coupled with EXP Scroll and EXP Tome. Now when you are fully prepared, talk to NPC Jordan in Battlesoul City and enter Stone Golem.

If you have enough potions, you will soon make it to round 21. Soon, you should be up to level 36. It’s time to take a well needed break. After a good battle who wouldn’t like to go fishing? All players of Lv36 or up can enter fishing map via Battlesoul City NPC Fisherman. Players can obtain a wealth of EXP, Battlesoul, items and Silver by fishing. Buy fishing rod at the store NPC after entering the fishing map. Sea Emperor is the best rod. Tilapia is a good way to help you level up. If you take one old Tilapia, you gain 8,000 Experience! Continue with the storyline, branch, and repeated quest, then you will arrive at Lv43 soon. Now, you are entitled to challenge Flame Altar at Battlesoul city, it’s also an exciting dungeon to gain abundance of exp. (Don’t forget the Longest Spree Buff!) Go fishing when you are AFK, and you will reach Lv50 within three days! Maybe sooner, if you’re having such a great time. I hope that you all have found this guide helpful and informative.

There are many Soul of Guardian tricks still to come. Stay tuned! Have fun in SOG - the latest, most played RPG of 2012! About Soul of Guardian (SOG) Soul of Guardian ( is a free browser-based Action Role Playing game released on March 16,2012. Set in a hybrid fantasy world, it has four classes for players to choose from. Character classes are Blade Warrior, Dagger Assassin, Hammer Judge and Spear Guard, to be distinguished by their respective class specialty. Have fun with SOG - the latest, most enjoyable played RPG of 2012! About WSGame WSGame is a rapidly growing developer and operator of an eclectic range of browser-based games. WSGame provides an extensive online gaming platform ( and provides gamers with a dynamic array of online games across several categories, including FPS, Simulation, RPG, Sports and more. All Games are compatible with virtually all web devices, delivering an edge-of-your-seat entertainment experience, anytime, anywhere!