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Sorcery is a single player action role-playing game (RPG) for PlayStation 3 that utilizes Sony's PlayStation Move control system to create a dungeon crawling adventure like none before it. With the extreme motion controlled sensitivity of the PlayStation Move motion controller and PlayStation Eye camera peripheral accessory combination* players enter, interact with and explore a world where their growing expertise with spells and potions will be the difference between the salvation of the world and its domination. Features include a one-to-one relation between player movements to character actions, strategic spell use, transformative potions and additional support of the PlayStation Move navigation controller.

Sorcery Review

We can easily see why the PlayStation Move isn’t quite as popular as the Kinect.  Though there are a fair amount of games that take advantage of it, the limited camera range can make it a burden for some players, and the thought of holding a weird glowy wand, rather than just jumping around, can be kind of a pain.  Still, Sony continues to crank out some decent software for it, and this time around we have Sorcery, a fun magical adventure that would’ve been even more entertaining had the controls not been so limited.  And yes, we mean by the Move. The game puts you in control of Finn, a young magician who tries to learn magic while keeping out of harm’s way, even while his master’s cat, Erline, taunts him over it.  However, one day, a... Read Review

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