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Sonic and Tails are back for another adventure as they again battle the evil Dr. Eggman (AKA Dr. Robotnik), who is desperately trying to collect all the Chaos Emeralds in order to rebuild his Death Egg. Our heroes must again find the Chaos Emeralds before Dr. Eggman does, but winning the race won

Sonic The Hedgehog 3 Cheats

In Hydrocity Act 2, become Super Sonic just before the door closes to the Boss room. Then, race toward the right without stopping. If done correctly, you should see a glitched capsule using Robotnik's graphics. Jump on the button to end the level. The graphics that are normally blue in the graphics will now flash like Super Sonic, and after they leave Sonic continues to stand there waving his finger until time runs out. If you listen, you can here Robotnik still going through his routine because the game thinks you are facing the Boss, which is why the level never ends. Sonic cannot move due to a separate glitch that disables him if he is super after the level ends.
Select Tails without Sonic and start the Floating Island Act. After defeating Robotnik at the waterfall, when Knuckles appears, hit the button to fly up and hold Right. He should disappear above the screen. When he lands, he will be on Knuckles' side of the waterfall.
Enable the "Level select" code then enter the sound test. Highlight the first level and hold A and press Start. When you get to the part where Knuckles takes your Chaos Emeralds, press B and move out of the way. Then, turn back into Sonic, walk back to Knuckles, and quickly press B. Then, press A until you see a strange glitch (it might have a part of Sonic's head). Press C to create it and there will be a Sonic on a flying snowboard with all sorts of things coming out the back of it. Create a monitor box with the "S" in it to make Sonic look like Super Sonic.
Get to the Marble Garden Zone. Hold Down until it scrolls down. As soon as you release Down, press Jump. The game will scroll down through the entire level. Be careful where you use this, as it resets some of the pillars that can be retracted with the blue spinning things.
This can be done with any character. Stand when you are in any zone and wait until the time reaches 9:59. You will die, then hear the game over music. Note: The game will not actually over -- you will only lose one life and it will say time over. Do not do this in water or you will drown.
At the start of Angel Island, kill the monkey in the tree and jump on the first gray rock to reveal a bumper spring. Bounce up into the tree, and using the bumper spring hidden in the tree, bounce left to land on the moving platform. The platform will take you to a ring bonus and lightning shield power-up. Using the spring in the tree again, bounce right to land on ground with spikes and a RhinoBot. Jump past these to collect the fire shield. When this is collected, Sonic can use the fire dash attack by pressing C(2).
Start a game with Sonic and Tails or just Tails and go to level 6. Just after the last checkpoint before you fight Eggman, go to where the pipe ends. Use the controller two to control Tails. Get Tails to fly and Sonic to jump into him. Have Tails fly behind Eggman's chair. The music will change, but Eggman will not appear. Have Tails destroy the machine by continuously jumping on it. After you get to the last Boss on that level and lose your rings, a piece of the machine will attach to a ring.
On the first level, when going through the tunnel to the part with the blimp, enable the "Debug" code. Go back through the tunnel. While in the middle, the graphics will glitch to look like metal.
At Hydrocity Act 2, find the first place that you see the blue and purple spinning thing that moves up and down. Have Tails as player two zoom up and land on it. Have Sonic wait until it goes up and down a few times, then have him zoom and land on it. Wait a few seconds to see tails come down with a spinning head.
When playing as Tails alone, be careful on the first icy slope. Tails has a tendency to fall down and die at a certain location. To get around this, fly down this area.
On Act 3 of the Icecap Zone, turn into a ball at the end before you reach Robotnic and fly off a ramp onto a purple trampoline. Look up to see a large number of rings. Bounce high enough to find another whole set of rings. Go to the right far enough to find a big ring.
Enable the "Level Select/Sound Test" codes. If you try to select the "Bonus" option in that screen, you will find that it will not work. Instead, press Start on the third selection down from the "1P vs 2P" options. In Act 2 of that option, you will be taken to the bonus stage. To quit, pause and press Start. Note: After several tries on the bonus stage, the title may glitch and display "DOILUS STAGE" instead of "BONUS STAGE". If you quit after this happens, the sound test menu may go off the screen, and any options that were previously at the bottom of the screen will be at the top, and look out of place.
Enable the "Level select" and the "Debug mode" code. Choose a level with Sonic and Tails which is 00 on the level selection screen. Have Tails stand where Sonic is when you have Sonic as a ring. Keep pressing C and get as many rings as desired.
Enable the "Debug mode" code. When you will finish a level, quickly press B to transform into a object and paste the Super Sonic monitor (a monitor with a S) into the air. Hit it, and Sonic will run in the air.
When you get to the underwater blue thing, jump under it and keep sinking. You will find an underwater city.
When you enter Hydrocity Zone, you will see a spring. Bounce on it and land on the platform. Then, use controller two to have Tails fly and grab Sonic Next, fly to the right and you will see a pathway. Land on the platform. Then, use controller one to make Sonic jump off Tails. You will run through a path that will lead to the Boss. Note: Do not let Tails fly too long or you wont be able to make it. Also, when you make Tails fly, grab Sonic immediately.
Enable the ''Debug" and ''Level select'' codes, then find a Chaos Emerald Portal (giant floating ring). Determine what object you would like to play as, then turn back into Sonic (or Tails/Knuckles) and jump into the ring. As soon as you do so, quickly turn into the item. When you exit the special stage, you will be covered in the item you selected. To turn back, press Start, then A to return to the title screen.
Enable the "Debug mode" code. In Launch Base Zone Act 2, complete the game. When Sonic or Tails jumps toward you, press B to turn into an object and then press B again to turn back into your character. You can control Sonic or Tails in the background for a short time. However, they will look like robots.
To instantly get a speed up, jump when Sonic is a little over halfway on the loop.
Enable the "Debug mode" code. Press B + C during game play. Sonic will go mental, and dash about on the spot, turn upside down, and do other stunts. This can also be done with Tails.
Enable the "Level select" code. At the title screen, highlight "1 Player" and press Start. On the data select screen, choose to play as Tails. When Tails appears on screen, press Reset. Highlight "Sound test" and press Start at the title screen. Select a desired level and press C + Start. When the game starts, you should see Tails on screen. Turn Tails into an object by pressing B. Keep changing objects until you see a box (you should see an "S" in it) by pressing A and press C to place it. Turn back into Tails and jump on the box to become Super Tails. Tails will look strange and he cannot be hurt from Badniks and Energy Ball Attacks. He can still be squashed and drowned, though, so be careful on the Icecap Zone. You will have to do this at the beginning of each Zone. Also, Dr. Robotnik can still hurt him at the very end of Launch Base Zone-Act 2.

Extra lives

Enable the "Debug mode" code and start a game with Sonic and Tails. Press Down + Jump (Spin Dash) then press B to turn into an object. Turn into an enemy and place him on Tails. He will still be Spin Dashing. Your points will soon double and you will get lives every second, or depending how fast, you place the enemy by pressing C. Once you have enough lives, turn back into Sonic by pressing B again. This is much faster than setting the alarm off in Launch Base Zone. Note: This works with any other Sonic game that has debug mode. More compact enemies work better than the larger ones. For example, in Aquatic Ruin, the Fly is much more efficient than the Grounders.
In the 2nd Zone and 3rd Act, before fight Dr. Robotnik, allow your character to almost drown, then put your head back up in air (touch the starpost but down jump in it).
Enable the "Level select" code, then press B + C.

Super Sonic

Enable the "Level select" and "Debug mode" codes. Activate the debug mode keep changing the item until you see a box with an ''S'' on it. Create that box jump on it to become Super Sonic.

Bonus stage

Enable the "Level select" code. Enter the sound test screen and play song 01 and 0F.Highlight level 2, hold A and press Start.

Random start

Enable the "Level select" code. Select a level and begin game play. Pause game play and press A to return to the level selection menu. Choose another level to resume start in a different area. Note: Sonic may resume game play inside an object and crash the game.
Enable the "Level select" code. Highlight the "Special Stage" level and press C + Start. Collect the emerald, press A + Start, and repeat the procedure to collect all the emeralds.

Night game

Enable the "Level select" code. Highlight a level and press C + Start.

Level select

Quickly press Up(2), Down(2), Up(4), after the Sega logo fades and Sonic starts to appear, and before the screen flashes white. A chime will confirm correct code entry. Press Up and highlight the sound test option on the title screen and press Start. Pause game play and press A to restart, B for slow motion, and C for frame advance.

Debug mode

Enable the "Level Select" code. Hold A, then press Start when selecting the desired level. Press B to change into an object in the level, C to copy that object, and A to change the object.

Metal Sonic

Unlock Playstation 3
Enable the level select and debug cheats and go on the last level beat robotnik and when sonic turns his back press B twice and when sonic jumps hold left and press start to see metal sonic from sonic cd.