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Sonic speeds into action for his latest adventure and takes on one of his greatest challenges to date! Run, jump, Spin Dash and master all of Sonic’s new parkour moves and Color Powers as you fight through the worlds of the Lost Hex.  Maximize the potential of Sonic’s all new parkour moves and Color Powers whilst taking on the Deadly Six in dramatic boss showdowns.

Sonic: Lost World Review

Unlike Mario games, which are almost always gold, the Sonic games have their highs and lows. From the terrible Sonic 06, to the much better Colors and then the fantastic Generations, it seemed like Sonic games were finally starting to get better. With that logic, Sonic Lost World should have been an absolute gem, especially considering that Sonic Team has tried its hand at some Mario Galaxy-esque level design. This made perfect sense for a Sonic title exclusive to a Nintendo console. Unfortunately, Sonic Lost World is definitely a mixed bag. New controls take some getting used to You'd think that being familiar with Sonic games would mean controlling Sonic in his latest game would be effortless. It's not. That's largely due to Sonic's slow run being his... Read Review

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