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Dreamcast Collection Lineup Announced...

  This morning, Sega released the lineup for its upcoming Xbox 360 and PC-exclusive Dreamcast Collection, and it's pretty much what the pessimists were expecting. Hit the jump for details on the games that made the cut. Read More


Taking Down The Clown: A Look Back At Aero The Acro-Bat

It seems as if every console generation produces a single break-out character that other developers and publishers chase with me-too clones.  The Nintendo Entertainment System years produced one of gaming's biggest stars - Super Mario himself - that led to a glut of friendly, happy mascot-based action platformers.  Sega's take on the format for the Sega Genesis, Sonic the Hedgehog, added radical attitude traits to the formula, and suddenly every publisher had to have a mascot cartoon character with attitude.  The 16-bit years gave us plenty of forgotten and also-ran characters in that style such as Bubsy the Bobcat, Awesome Possum, and Rocky Rodent, but the one character who stood out from the pack - and, strangely enough, one character who was never intended to run with that pack in the first place -  was Sunsoft's Aero the Acro-Bat.  Aero's journey brought him some success across multiple platforms and eventual re-releases with sequels and spin-off adventures.  When stacked against the competition chasing Sonic's speedy shoes, Aero managed to creatively succeed in an otherwise overcrowded marketplace. Read More


Nintendo Media Summit: Semi-Live Blog

So, Nintendo's media summit is scheduled to get under way any time now. I'm not actually there, but I'm keeping an eye on a number of people who are, so hopefully that will be close enough. We did get an invite, but I'm not sure of our liveblogging capabilities otherwise. So, if we got an invite, why aren't I there? To the best of my knowledge, it's for people in the San Francisco area, or who can pay their own way, and that's a bit of an expensive commute from Toronto, so there you have it. But if there is any hands-on stuff to be had, I'm sure we'll bring it to you soon. For now? Just waiting for news to pour in; refresh this post (not on the front page) to keep up with the latest buzz. It's six minutes after noon as we speak, with the summit scheduled for noon EST/9am PST, and it seems people are still being seated/things are still getting ready. Not all that surprising, really; if Nintendo has ever started one of these things on time, be it here, E3, or elsewhere, I don't remember it. Not necessarily a bad thing, though; I just think they aren't prepared for the turnout they tend to get. Read More


Sonic Classic Collection Dropping Multiplayer Modes?

Yesterday, we posted a ton of new screens from the upcoming Sonic Classic Collection. However, something of note escaped our attention. notes that on the title screens for Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and 3, the option for multiplayer has been removed. Some feel that since the modes typically weren't very good, it's no big loss, but I disagree. Read More


Media: 56 New Sonic Classic Collection Screens

A whopping 56 new images of Sonic Classic Collection have sprung forth from SEGA, showing off a number of regular dual-screens of what is to come, as well as images such as the one above, which shows how they will appear on the DS. I doubt that they will win any awards for dual or touch-screen innovation, but as long as the games play the way they did back in their day, it should be fine. Speaking of "back in the day," there is also something in these screens which will likely set a lot of oldschool Sonic fans' nerves on edge. But for a reply to that, just hit the cut, then check our gallery below that for the new screens. Read More


Behold the Sonic Classic Collection Collectors Set You Probably Can't Get

Good news/bad news time, everyone. The good news is that Sonic Classic Collection for the Nintendo DS, which is reportedly a far cry better than the travesty that was Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis on the Game Boy Advance, will be available in a special collectors set, as seen above. The set will include the game (natch), a 5cm Sonic Figurine (produced by First4Figures), and five collectible art cards (which Sonic Stadium pegs as the boxart for Sonic 3, Sonic Chaos, Sonic Classic Collection, and a pair of Sonic Screen Saver images), all wrapped up in a collectors tin. There is also talk of an "O-ring sleeve," whatever that is. And the bad news? It's exclusive to Spain and Australia. Nuts. I might have gone a little more out of my way to get this, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see if we are offered anything. Read More