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BioWare Rumored to be Working on Handheld Game

Even though BioWare may be busy with Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect 3 it seems the company has a few other tricks up their sleeves, and they may be of the handheld variety. According to the LinkedIn profile of QA tester Mitchell Fujino the company is well into the process of crafting a new handheld game. Though Fujino has altered his profile since the news first broke to mask the suspected handheld game, it's worth noting that he also tested Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, BioWare's last portable title. More after the break. Read More


BBFC's Sonic Classic Collection Rating Confounds and Confuses

There has been a bit of buzz happening all over the net about a new Sonic collection recently given a rating by the British Board of Film Classification. Called the "Sonic Classic Collection," it is comprised of the original Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic 2, Sonic 3, plus Sonic & Knuckles and its effective combinations with Sonics 2 & 3. It also contains a Sonic image gallery and a "History of Sonic" video, as well as a trailer for Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. Read More


BioWare's Dragon Age: Origins Coming to PS3 and 360 in Q4 2009

Nothing can get you through those cold winter nights like a great BioWare RPG. Sadly, this winter won't be bringing us any BioWare goodness (unless I grab Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood) but gamers will be well taken care of when Dragon Age: Origins releases on the PS3 and Xbox 360 in Q4 2009. In the latest issue of Game Informer, BioWare vaguely gives release dates for all 3 versions. Being the PC gods that they are, Dragon Age: Origins will be coming to the PC in early 2009 and will be followed in the last quarter of 2009 by it's console counterparts. This will actually mark the first BioWare game to ever be developed for the Playstation 3. The November issue of Game Informer lists the game as arriving on both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in "holiday 2009," several months behind the PC edition. As first revealed in June, the original version of the RPG, now called Dragon Age: Origins, will arrive in the first quarter of next year. When asked for comment, BioWare reps confirmed the GI story's accuracy and that it had not previously named consoles for Dragon Age, but they declined to comment further. However, the article flatly states that the console editions of the game will reflect the "core PC experience" with some interface tweaking and will not be watered-down console ports. -- Game Informer via Gamespot A PC gaming experience on a console? Yes please! It's been awhile since I've trudged through a PC-centric RPG and since my computer is a huge pile of junk, I'll be grabbing this on a console. You know, so I can run it faster than 3.6 frames per second. I wonder if they'll add any extras for the console release... Read More


Media: Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood Launch Trailer

The day we have all been waiting for is here! Sonic Chronicles, the BioWare RPG set in the Sonic universe is now shipping to stores everywhere. I never thought I'd see the day that a Sonic RPG would be available and would have never thought in a million years that it would be developed by BioWare. Watch the launch trailer and feast your eyes on what will more than likely be the first good Sonic game in years! Read More


Media: Sonic Video Insider Episode 8: Chao, and First Ten Minutes of Chronicles Gameplay

The latest episode of Sonic Video Insider reveals a new ability for Sonic and his friends: Equipping Chao for special abilities. And if you just can't wait until the end of the month to get your hands on Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, then our affiliates over at Gamekyo have the hook-up for you with a video that shows off the first ten minutes of the game. Now, ten minutes might reveal a lot in most other Sonic games, but since Chronicles is an RPG, this ought to be just the tip of the iceberg. Of course, if it's not... well, then we've got problems. See it for yourself after the cut. Read More


Sonic Chronicles Preorder Offers

SEGA has announced that with the preorder of the upcoming Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood (available September 30th), customers at GameStop, GameCrazy, and Circuit City will be eligible for one of two preorder bonus items. For those who pick up their games at GameStop and GameCrazy, a special stylus three-pack will be waiting for them, featuring Sonic, Knuckles, and Shade, as seen above. For those who opt instead for Circuit City, you'll be treated to a special Sonic Chronicles skin for your DS Lite. But I think I'd rather have the stylus set. Read More


Sonic Chronicles Producer Says Team 'Ready to Work on Sequel'

It seems that Bioware is confident in their abilities, as they're already considering what to do in a sequel to Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, aka "the Sonic game coming out this year that might not suck." During a recent interview, they alluded to what their current train of thought is on the subject, and how you may be able to find out more, once the game is in stores:"I would be surprised to see Sega refusing a sequel opportunity if the game is indeed successful! In any case, our team is definitively ready to work on a sequel. We even have a precise idea on what to do next if this were to happen… And if you play the game, you might find some hints on what that idea is." -- Producer Dorian Kieken to PALGNI'm hoping it's good, and does well enough for a sequel. I've already heard reassurance that "it's like the Sonic answer to Paper Mario," and that was "meant in a good way." Dorian also notes some inspiration taken from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass and Elite Beat Agents, so at least they're drawing from top picks. Read More


Media: SEGA Announces Sonic Chronicles Has Gone Gold, Releases Part 1 of Behind-the-Scenes Video Ser

Yesterday, we recapped the first three Video Insiders we brought you for Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, along with the new fourth installment. Today, we have a new video for you, the first of three developer diaries which show how BioWare brought the Blue Blur to the realm of RPGs. This one explores the vision for the game and the inspiration for BioWare to make the game, using interviews and gameplay to tell the tale. In addition, SEGA has announced that Sonic Chronicles has gone gold, and will be on its way to retailers September 30th. Read More


BioWare Talks Character Development in Sonic Chronicles

In addition to a new video, there's also a new interview with Lead Programmer Brook Bakay at BioWare about Sonic Chronicles over at Destructoid.Destructoid: Dark Brotherhood uses a lot of characters from the Sonic universe, but arguably many that aren't very fleshed out. Will this game provide extra depth to some of the later characters that not many gamers really recognize? Did you have a lot of freedom to work with the characters, or was there a lot of input from Sega as to how certain characters should act and speak? BB: Sega has been great about letting us be creative with story and characters. We've been able to tie our story into events from a lot of previous Sega canon. Most of the feedback from Sega concerned the look of the characters, and there was a lot of back and forth in that area. The IP is such that the personalities are pretty well defined, but I think we've been able to round them out a bit. And the interactions between the characters are pretty cool -- some of them have a lot of history together.I'm eager to see how this part plays out, as that's territory that even Mario's RPGs have done little to delve into, short of maybe Partners in Time. In addition, they address the matter of the recent games taking themselves too seriously, and how this game is taking a darker tone, while retaining the fun that made Sonic who he is today. Hopefully, it'll all come together once it's time to ship. Read More


Media: BioWare's Sonic Video Insider, parts 1 and 2

The boys over at BioWare have begun cranking out their own videos to familiarize DS owners with the ins, outs, and other intricacies of their upcoming RPG Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. The first is an intro of sorts, while the second (after the cut) shows off more of the gameplay elements. Read More


Media: New Trailer for Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

Another peek at Sonic's upcoming RPG adventure from BioWare, the creators of Mass Effect and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. And for a laugh and a half, read this blog post from SEGA, wherein one hapless employee gets to address such things as protests of Amy having a new boyfriend and more. Read More


Media: Five Gameplay Trailers for Sonic Chronicles

Five new trailers give us a taste of the Green Hill Zone, Mystic Ruins, Central City, Winding Path, and Chao Garden areas of the Sonic Chronic-what-cles: The Dark Brotherhood gameplay on the DS: Not bad, but can't help but think it should've had the classic Green Hill theme. Check out the other four after the cut. Read More


Nintendo Releases Second-Half Line-Up of Games

In an interesting twist (I guess, maybe they do this all the time, and I never noticed), Nintendo has released their US game line-up for the second half of 2008 and into 2009... to Europe. Some highlights included on the list are Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, Call of Duty World at War, Guitar Hero World Tour, Skate It, Mushroom Men, two Star Wars games, Animal Crossing: City Folk, Mario Super Sluggers, Sonic Unleashed, Ghostbusters, and quite a bit more. Better still, Nintendo says that this is an "incomplete" list, meaning more titles could sneak their way into the lineup. Here's hoping more from the Big N themselves. For the full bill of goods (as it stands), both good and bad, click the jump. Read More