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Players control Sonic as he speeds his way to end of each level, using his spin attack to fight against Dr. Robotnik's badniks. Along the way, Sonic can collect rings, which can protect him if he hit by an enemy or obstacle, as well as items such as shields, invincibility and speed shoes. Sonic's gameplay remains similar to that of Sonic the Hedgehog but with the addition of the Spin Dash and the Super Peel Out, which lets him zoom into a quick speed from a standing point, either in a rolling or running position. The Super Peel Out is faster than the Spin Dash, but leaves Sonic more vulnerable. Each of the game's seven zones consists of three acts; two main levels and a boss level.

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If there’s one company that has fan service nailed down tight, it’s Sega.  Seriously, every time some hardcore fan base has demanded a game for release on the digital front, it’s come through in spades.  Guardian Heroes?  Released with an HD makeover and online play.  Daytona USA?  Packing Xbox Live support and complete with a weird (yet hilarious) Karaoke Mode.  Crazy Taxi?  Well, it didn’t quite have the amazing soundtrack it once did, but it’s still reckless fun.  And now it’s come through again, just in time for the holidays, with Sonic CD. First announced back at PAX, it was a shock to see Sonic CD come back in the limelight, after the initial game had a mediocre run on the Sega CD platform, followed... Read Review

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    Sonic CD Review

    Robert Workman Dec 16, 2011