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SOMA Review

For me the best horror movies were always the ones that focused on the concept of isolation and were set in a location that reinforced that condition. Alien, The Thing, The Abyss... all of these classics of the late 70s/early 80s are benchmarks of this mentality. The “Oh, Crap in the Snow/Space/Water” genre is effectual for a reason- it preys on what we as a social species fear- namely a loss of security when removed from others and a realization that we are not always going to be the apex predator.  It’s this same scenario that gets visited in SOMA. Frictional Games, the developer that created Amnesia: The Dark Descent, offers up a familiar taste of this particular subgenre of horror while managing to keep it from getting stale. Taking place primarily in... Read Review

  • SOMA: A review

    SOMA Review

    Samantha Bishop Sep 23, 2015