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Do What You Want 'Cause A Pirate Is Free; You Are Captain Blood

As everyone well knows, pirates are free. This means that they do what they want. Yet strangely, nautical adventures—like Westerns—are one of those under-represented genres in gaming. In the past, we've had Sid Meier's Pirates!, a couple of woeful Pirates of the Caribbean games and Skies of Arcadia. Okay, Skies of Arcadia was about flying pirates who ended up saving the world. But they were still pirates. Then there are the Monkey Island games, of course. Though those are more renowned for their comedy rather than their piratical theme. Upcoming PC and Xbox 360 game Captain Blood looks set to bring high-seas adventure home once again. Find out more after the jump. Read More


Play Kinect...With the King

Fast food chain Burger King and Microsoft have teamed up before, working on several cheap titles sold directly through restaurants for Xbox 360 including Big Bumpin', Pocketbike Racer, and most notably, the extraordinarily creepy (and internet meme-worthy) Sneak King. Now, it seems the two entities are set for another go-around, as Burger King has announced it will be producing another series of adver-games for the 360 this fall. The twist? All three will be only playable on Kinect. Hit the cut for more. Read More


Microsoft's Press Conference: Directionless To Say The Least

"Underwhelming." "Bronze-medal, for sure." "Wake me up when something happens." "Are we going to see games? Real games?" These are actual comments [verbatim] made by members of the Kombo team during our live coverage of Microsoft's E3 conference, which was a real stinker. Look, Microsoft, I know motion-control is "all the rage" and that "all the kids are doing it these days," but you bored us to tears. You did. And you confused us. Read More


Darkspawn Chronicles sends Dragon Age fans behind enemy lines

BioWare has officially announced Darkspawn Chronicles, a new expansion for Dragon Age: Origins that was leaked via Gamerscore Blog on Wednesday. No details were available at the time of the leak, but thankfully, Rob Bartel of BioWare has given Gamespot the full scoop in an in-depth interview. How accurate were Kombo's baseless, wildly speculative guesses as to what the new content could possibly be? Find out after the jump. Read More


Story Revealed for The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks (SPOILERS)

While the full details behind The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks were finally blown out last night, some story segments were still left a mystery. Well, thanks to some new details (compiled by GoNintendo) we have a full idea of what to expect in the latest installment of one of Nintendo's premiere franchises. Since there's spoilers aplenty, all is posted after the cut, so beware. Read More