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Sonic and the Black Knight - Nintendo Power Details Revealed

Sonic and the Black Knight - Nintendo Power Details Revealed

Over the weekend, the cover of the new issue of Nintendo Power started making the rounds, and with it, news of the new title from SEGA, "Sonic and the Black Knight." Now, there's finally some information from inside the magazine to help bring some of the game's mysteries to light. As noted previously, the game comes as a successor to Sonic and the Secret Rings as part of the "Storybook Series" of Sonic games, and is developed by the same team as well; this would be a good thing, one might surmise, given that the flaws of that game were more by design than by bugs or inability to manipulate a camera. The story follows Sonic as he is summoned to the realm of King Arthur by a sorceress named Merlina. But all is not well in Camelot; as the King has become corrupted, and now rules as the tyrannical (and titular) Black Knight. Sonic, aided by a talking sword named Calibur which serves as his mentor, begins his quest to overthrow the Black Knight as a mere knave; in order to have any hope of defeating Arthur, Sonic himself must become a full-fledged knight. Read More

kombo Jul 22, 2008 | Comments
Overlord - PC - Review

Overlord - PC - Review

Its a conundrum, that be truly evil and kill the peasants, as a dark overlord should, or do them some good deeds and wind up with their undying devot Read More

jkdmedia Jul 24, 2007 | Comments