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Smart Bomb delivers a tense gameplay experience as players are faced with a series of fast paced, challenging 3D puzzles based around diffusing sophisticated AI bombs. Gamers are faced with a series of bomb modules split into tiers and each tier must be disabled to unlock the next. As a tier is disabled the player moves closer to the detonator at the core of the bomb which must be deactivated before moving onto a new challenge. Single player action includes story, arcade and challenge modes while multiplayer mode challenges four players in a series of head to head gaming action. The story in Smart Bomb begins a decade ago, an unknown aggressor held the world to ransom with a series of highly sophisticated AI bombs planted at key locations around the globe. In response, the Global Defence Network assembled an elite reaction force

Smart Bomb Cheats


Code Playstation Portable
Unlocks: Challenge Mode, Special Mode, all difficulty settings in Arcade Mode, and all of the bombs in Story Mode. Down, Right, Up, Left, Right, Circle, Square
Enter the following code at the title screen: D-pad Down, D-pad Right, D-pad Up, D-pad Left, D-pad Right, Circle, Square