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Child of Eden

When Ubisoft announced Child of Eden at last year's E3, expectations were through the roof for what developer Q Entertainment is calling the spiritua Read More

Ben PerLee Feb 25, 2011 | Comments

Snoopy: Flying Ace review

Scoff all you want (it's hard not to), but once you're done, understand this - Snoopy: Flying Ace is one of the best multiplayer flight-combat game a Read More

Joe Donato Jul 25, 2010 | Comments
Nintendo Download - 2/22/10: Whether at Home or Out and About, Nintendo's Downloads Make for Gre

Nintendo Download - 2/22/10: Whether at Home or Out and About, Nintendo's Downloads Make for Gre

Is everyone ready? It's that time of year again: Nintendo releases a Nintendo Download without a single Virtual Console title in sight, and those of us donning nostalgia-goggles readily take up our brooms and petition on Nintendo's doorstep for them not to ignore the hardcore, etc. This is actually rather peculiar. Mega Man 10 is slated for a WiiWare release next Monday, with Mega Man 4 rated by the ESRB. When Mega Man 9 was released, the weeks leading up to it saw the release of Mega Mans (Mega Men?) 1, 2, and 3. So this means that Nintendo would likely either a) release MM4 at the same time as MM10, or b) release it after MM10. The latter isn't impossible; with the releases of MM10 for the three consoles scattered across the month of March, perhaps Nintendo wants to use the classics as a countermeasure of sorts? Seriously, I don't know. But hopefully there won't be the cause for alarm that there has been previously. As for this week's releases? All the details for WiiWare and DSiWare are in the press release after the cut, including Aura-Aura Climber, which sadly doesn't seem to relate at all to Ice Climber. But Nintendo sure does love that "Climber" name, don't they? Read More

kombo Feb 22, 2010 | Comments
E3 2009: Brink

E3 2009: Brink

There are some publishers which, whenever they announce a new game the entire community begins collectively salivating.... Read More

kombo Jun 8, 2009 | Comments
Free N+ Level Pack Hits Xbox Live Marketplace

Free N+ Level Pack Hits Xbox Live Marketplace

Were you one of the smart and wonderful people to buy N+ for Xbox Live Arcade? If you are, you should log on to Xbox Live and grab yourself the latest map pack that was released earlier today. I know you probably have a million other games to spend your money on at the moment and thankfully developer Metanet realizes that too. That is why they've decided to give away this 150 stage level pack for the amazing price of $0. Yes, it's free and will only cost you the 3 seconds of your life it will take to download it. Developer Metanet dropped a 332 KB bomb on Xbox Live today, in the form of a new level pack for their minimalistic platformer N+. The download adds a whopping 150 single-player levels to the game, as well as 50 co-op and race stages -- roughly one third of the total number of levels originally included with the game. What's an update this substantial go for on the Xbox Live Marketplace? Free of charge, believe it or not. -- 1UP If you have not yet bought N+ then you should be ashamed of yourself. It's one of the best games on XBLA and I don't think any true gamer should be without it. Let this free level pack be the push you needed to join the ranks of the cool kids. Read More

kombo Oct 15, 2008 | Comments