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Sly Cooper and his mischievous cohorts, Bentley and Murray, return in a brand new epic, time-traveling adventure in Sly Cooper Thieves in Time.After completing their latest heist, Sly carries on with a case of alleged amnesia and dances off with gal pal Carmelita, leaving Bentley as the keeper of the treasured Thievius Raccoonus, The Cooper family’s ancient book of master thievery. When Bentley discovers that pages of the book have begun to disappear in front of his eyes, he must round up the gang and save the Cooper Clan legacy from being destroyed forever.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Review

It's been ages since we've had a new Sly Cooper adventure in the fray, and with Sucker Punch toiling away on what will eventually be the next Infamous, we were wondering for quite some time whether the master thief would be making a return.  But Sony eased our tension a while back by announcing Thieves In Time, a new chapter in the series that would be developed by Sanzaru Games – the same team behind the previously released Sly Collection.  So, do these newbies have what it takes to fill Sucker Punch's shoes?  Yep…and then some. The story revolves around Sly and his team developing the ability to travel through time – a nice change of pace from globetrotting and dealing with master criminals.  Along the way, they find a number... Read Review

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